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Pakistan’s singing sensation does it right

Article-minBy Maha Asif Rizwan

Having left her mark everywhere from social media to social foundations, Momina Mustehsan has proved that she is more than just a pretty face. What started as a popular fandom for the new girl on Coke Studio last year, turned into a critique of every career (and personal) move the singer made; but Momina wasn’t having any of it. Clearly not one to ignore the haters (and rightfully, so) here’s five times the singer shut down haters on social media to set the record right.

  1. Advocating real beauty

In Article-1(Source: https://twitter.com/MominaMustehsan)

When compared to a ‘maid girl’, Momina spoke up to show her support of beauty that transcends class and profession. To those who tried to offend her with the comparison, she had one thing to say: “I’m glad I have lookalikes who work hard, even if it’s a maid at someone’s house.” That’s right!!

  1. Your average happy girl

In Article-2(Source: https://twitter.com/MominaMustehsan)

After multiple articles started circulating the internet attempting to talk about her music but circling around the fame her beauty gathered, Momina shut them all down with one tweet: “It’s become cool to hate me”. Haters got nothing on our average happy girl as the likes of Meesha Shafi and Shaniera Akram tweeted in support of her success.

  1. Privacy policy

In Article-3-min(Source: https://twitter.com/MominaMustehsan)

The power of social media once again failed to do right to a public figure with speculations about Momina’s personal life. “Please stop selling my personal life for clicks and views.” Momina made her point by announcing to the world that news about her life will come directly from her, NOT tabloids.

  1. Not in it for the money

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Like every meme that has never made sense, Momina couldn’t help but show her frustration over this one. Her talents aren’t aimed at a social class and she can’t help but wonder: “What’s our obsession with money?” We would want to bang our head on the wall too.

  1. More than just a pretty face

In Article-5(Source: https://www.instagram.com/mominamustehsan/)

The struggle of an artist is not just to get fame, but to be recognized for their true talents. Momina reinforced the hard work and effort she has put in to her passions and dreams, as the country went on to applaud her for her beauty instead of bents. “Alas, the wrong headlines.”