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Momina Mustehsan Gracefully Takes Down Sexist Assholes On Twitter

"Bhai kuch khuda ka khauf karo"

Last night, while rest of Pakistan was either trying to crash Punjab Nahi Jaongi’s premiere or preparing for the long weekend ahead, Momina Mustehsan was fighting sexist men on Twitter. What made this incident more frustrating/hilarious was the fact that these men, even for a nanosecond, didn’t realise that their comments were reeking of misogyny. Their sense of entitlement was abhorring.

They tweeted at Mustehsan started with misogynistic buffers such as, “Man should allowd women in some profession” (thank you so much) and ended on downright discrimination: “but not in nursing or some other profession of this kind even acting.”

The example quoted above, came from a certain Mr. Waleed who continued to defend his twisted case.

Is he encouraging women to be entrepreneurs? But the point is, why does he, or for that matter the entire male population in Pakistan, feel entitled to have a say in what women should and shouldn’t do?

These are the kind of tweets Momina battled through last night and we bet, she’s still reeling from the aftermath.

The patriarchal society was at its best, but Momina Mustehsan held her ground brilliantly!

They even brought religion into the proceedings, because why not? I’m sure, we all know by now that hadiths are only meant to guide females, right?

Yes Momina, we’ve been wondering the same since the day we were born.

If you think the entire session was futile, then Momina has the perfect answer for you.