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Momina Mustehsan’s Favourite Things

Her biggest crush and the beauty products she can’t live without


By Anam Mansuri

Sometimes, it can be difficult to believe that celebrities are anything like us. That can seem particularly true when it comes to their favourite things, be it food or hobbies. But just because someone’s a celebrity doesn’t mean that all of their tastes are too high-end and different from ours. They’re human, after all; Momina Mustehsan is one known face that is as much of a simpleton as you – she cooks on the weekends and indulges in some quality family time. Now doesn’t that sound familiar to your weekend plans?

We have already told you how this 2016’s singing sensation feels about dealing with the recent fame and the struggle behind it, but this time we thought we would bring to you the red-head’s most favourite things – to celebrate the lighter notes of life. Read on to find out what Momina binge watches on her days off and more.

TV Shows you’re obsessed with:

As stupid as it sounds, I don’t follow shows or even watch television. However, I did binge watch all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars (and no it isn’t a chick flick. Not entirely at least haha)

A hot/talented guy Momina Mustehsan is crushing on:

Zayn Malik

Favourite designer:

Saira Shakira. They are very diverse with the kind of clothes they make and the designs they come up with. Also, you can depend on them to custom make anything to your liking and deliver in the narrowest of time frames.

Beauty products you can’t live without?

This is the complete list of makeup products I use:

  1. Dior Hydra Life BB creme
  2. Anastasia Beverly hills eyebrow powder
  3. MAC blush in “Harmony”
  4. Bare minerals “well-rested”
  5. Stila Black Eyeliner
  6. Benefit “They’re Real” mascara
  7. Benefit “Benetint” lip tint

What do you do on weekends?

Cook, give out cupcakes to underprivileged kids and spend time with family and friends (mostly at home).

A song you can’t get enough of:

Adele – All I Ask

Favourite new restaurant?

To be honest, I don’t eat out much. I like cooking for myself, that way I know exactly what goes into what I’m eating.

Favourite new health fad?

HIIT cardio. Instead of running for forever, warm up for 5 minutes on low speed and high incline, and do intervals of 30-sec walk, 30-sec jog, 30-sec sprint for 15 minutes, and end with a 5-minute walk on high incline.