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Must Visit Coffee Spots In K-Town

Cause there is no life without coffee

By Sheneir Khan

Raise your hands if you’re a caffeine junkie. Now, put it back down because we’re sure you look like a fool staring at the screen with your hands up and we don’t want that. A lot of us crave chai in the morning, but does it give you the same kick as coffee? The real caffeine junkie knows that no other liquid in this world has the power to shock our nervous system awake like a sip of strong coffee. Not all of us have the luxury of a fancy shmancy coffee machine at our home. And even those who do, are spotted carrying Espresso cups in the morning as they sprint in for work. Why is that?

Because you just CANNOT make a perfect cup of coffee at home. At least we can’t. So we’re always on a lookout for the best coffee in town (read Karachi) and if you’re as passionate about your morning coffee as us, you’d want to bookmark this listicle featuring the best coffee places in Karachi.


Mocca is new in town, but serves one of the best coffees we’ve ever had. It not only does their coffee right, but it also woos you with its chic yet cosy ambiance. It’s the perfect spot to get your caffeine and gossip fix.

What to try? Caramelito or their Butterscotch Cap.


Espresso has been around for SO MANY years now that it would be blasphemous to not include it in our list. I have been a very loyal customer of Espresso ever since I moved to Karachi and I have never been disappointed. Espresso is one of those places where you can just walk in, even in your pyjamas, to grab a cup of coffee.

What to try? My favorite is Café Mocha.


Cosmopolitan not only has amazing food but they also do coffees really well! Their patio is the perfect spot to sit and have coffee on a balmy Karachi evening. The one thing that gives it an edge over other spots, is its fulfilling quantity. It is great value for money.

What to try? Their Café Latte is definitely one of the best in town.


Lals is the only place where you can get a Dark Chocolate Latte, so that’s a huge (huge) plus! The other plus is Lals’ mint green decor which instantly transports you to a barista in Marly-Le-Roi – a picturesque old village in France.

What to try? Café Mocha and Dark Chocolate Latte

FLOC – For the Love of Coffee

The newest coffee ‘hot spot’ in town is FLOC and you guys won’t believe what it stands for: For the Love of Coffee. It recently opened up in Zamzama, Clifton and has swiftly climbed up to become every person’s go-to coffee stop. They specialize in nitrogen coffee!

It’s a bit too compact for my preference, but it has the cosiest interior. the coffee and roasted chicken is great, hence, I’m in love! I tried their regular cappuccino and it definitely gave me the energy boost that I needed at that moment!

What to try? FLOC Nitro and if you like to add a little something extra to your coffee then there’s always Nitro Butterscotch!

What is your favorite spot for coffee?!