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MY FASHION FIX: Your New Style Guide

Andleeb Rana launches her very own one stop shop!


By Maha Asif Rizwan

The chatter around town involves a fresh and fascinating web entity dedicated to fashion and style, created and curated by the funky and fabulous Andleeb Rana. is taking over our feeds and we can’t stop browsing. What appears as just another e-commerce website is actually much more, and we bet you’re wondering how?

This one stop shop for women doesn’t just aim to sell designer clothes. It’s crafted to sell style. So before you log on to the website, here are three things you should know about it:


It’s not an average e-commerce website!

Yes, the website does have a variety of designer collections available for online purchase. However, it doesn’t end there; the magazine section contains content especially created for the Pakistani woman. “It’s about educating the audience on how they can style their purchase. I want to sell clothes through editorial content,” Andleeb shares her vision for the magazine.

But even that’s not all. Given its success, is looking at interesting editorial, advertorial and celebrity collaborations and will eventually be branching out into social and lifestyle content.


It’s limited edition!

While you have a number of highlight acclaimed designers available on, the collections you see are not available everywhere. “The website features a number of limited edition clothing from designers. I don’t want to promote fast fashion, instead I want to focus on affordable luxury that gives attention to detail.” Andleeb assures that all the items on her website are designer wear under $200 that women are comfortable buying online.

Designers like Sadaf Malaterre, Yahsir Waheed and Sania Maskatiya, amongst many others, which aren’t accessible or affordable for many, have especially created limited edition collections for


It’s a reflection of the fashion guru’s personal experience and style

With numerous fashion and editorial acclaims under her wing, Andleeb Rana has poured her heart and style onto the website. brings together designers she admires, “There’s a selective process to pick the designers who are available on the website. I hand pick items that will appeal to women and work together with the designers to create collections that are worth the users’ money.”

The editorial section of the website brings into light Andleeb’s personal touch of style, creating content that is unique and gripping. “The website is a vision, it is not a result of me getting bored at home. We are a combination of great, diverse individuals working together, putting thought and brain into making it big.”