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Nabila is No Longer a Nominee for the LSA

Other Stylists finally stand a chance

By Mashaal Rana

After 9 years of consecutively bagging the LSA for the ‘Best Hair and Makeup Artist’, Nabila has not been nominated for the awards this year. This was predictable after her acceptance speech last year – where she expressed the desire to instead focus on mentoring new make-up artists. Hallelujah!

How has Nabila managed to win the award for so many years in a row, you ask? Lux’s PR representative Fareshte Aslam of Talking Points exclusively tells WO: “Every year the judges were like ‘No! Not again’, but they ended up giving it to her because her portfolio was so AMAZING every time.”

Since, Nabila is not in the running this time round, who will be making headlines this year? We predict that Natasha Khalid, Owner and CEO of Natasha Salon in Karachi, is a shoo-in. Why? Because Natasha Salon has been the go-to spot for celebs and brides for the past couple of years. Not only are they keeping their customers happy, Natasha, her mom and sister, have been collaborating with magazines around the country to produce stunning experimental editorials.

So keep a special eye-out for the ‘Best Make-up and Hair Artist’ as we are placing all our bets on Natasha and we suggest that you do too.