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Nabila Is Ready To Launch Her Own Makeup Empire

Up next are perfumes and hair products

As far as beauty products go, Nabila’s Zero Make up palette might be the most talked about product in Pakistan in the past couple of years, second only to Kylie’s lip kits and Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette. And why shouldn’t it be? Nabila has 10 Lux Style Awards to her credit. She could’ve had more, had she not requested the LSA’s to stop nominating her. She made Reema the star she is and it was Nabila whom the PCB contacted when they felt the cricketers were in dire need of an image makeover.   

It was only recently that Nabila decided to launch her own brand.

The No Makeup Palette, which we now know as the revamped Zero Makeup palette, is carefully curated by the maestro herself specifically for our desi skin, and as regular users, we swear by it. 

But it was when we spoke with Nabila ahead of the big launch (of the revamped makeup palette) that she dropped a few hints here and there of a beauty empire in the making, which includes hair products as well as a fragrance!

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We couldn’t cope with the curiosity, so went ahead and just asked her – what does the future hold for Nabila – the retail brand? 

“Our next three products are ready and are being tested right now. They will be out late this year or early next year and will launch in LA,” she said, finally putting a stop to our curiosity. “My makeup brand is smart. It’s convenient and all-in-one for the image conscious women on the go. It’s no fuss, no BS.”

Summing up her brand’s philosophy in one one simple statement, she added:

“It is for the younger, fresher woman who doesn’t want to draw attention to her makeup.” 

We couldn’t get much more information out of her for any specific products, but did find out that the scent will have a “clean and androgynous” feel to it and the hair products will be designed specifically for the desi hair type. 

We’re convinced. Where are the pre-order forms? 

As Nabila put it herself, “32 years of hands on experience and finger on the pulse of international products and trends is a deadly combination!”  

Can’t wait for these to hit shelves. 

*Photography credits: Rizwan-ul-Haq