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Natural Mehndi Is Finally Available In Pakistan

Just in time for Eid!

Are you as done with flaky, chemical mehndi as we are? Good riddance, because we finally have another option.

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Sara Vazir, henna artist extra-ordinaire. Not only did she introduce the world to white henna and get a seal of approval from beauty blogger and demi-god Huda Beauty, Vazir continues to tell the most beautiful love stories with her henna.

The henna artist is also now selling natural henna in Pakistani for the first time in years!

“Everywhere you go to get henna the only option you have is chemically treated mehndi. These henna cones give colour within five minutes of application which saves one from the hassle of keeping henna on overnight. But it comes with a price. These chemicals regularly lead to reactions such as itchy hands, roughness and even blisters, but since there hasn’t been any other option people continue to use it time and time again,” she explains, “It’s so funny to me because around the world henna artists who I’ve met learn how to make natural mehndi the way our ancestors did, and we can’t find natural mehndi in our own country.”

Vazir didn’t realize that there were so many people interested in getting their hands on natural mehndi until she put up a post of a design made out of natural henna on her instagram account. The natural stain was so beautiful, she started getting queries immediately.

As a result, Vazir has decided to whip up batches of henna at home and sell them to clients this Eid. You just need to place an order with her directly. In case you’re wondering what natural henna is all about, here is a list of things you’ll find in her magical cone:

  1. Henna Powder
  2. Lavender Oil
  3. Eucalyptus Oil
  4. Tea Tree Oil
  5. Lemon Juice
  6. Sugar
  7. Water

Does that mean we won’t have to beg our siblings to put the sugar and lemon paste on our hands post every mehndi application because the paste already comes with it? It’s safe to say: We’re sold!

Watch her make a batch at home here:

  • Mush Panjwani

    Great work, Sara! Good write-up and great photos/videos too!