Need to Know: FitBe Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free Desserts

Be healthy. Be kind. Eat a cookie.

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Mishayl Naek

After thirty, we find it harder and harder to burn off that sneaky sugar treat and maintain the illusion of a flat stomach. It’s no longer just about skipping roti at dinner and waking up five pounds thinner, it’s now about changing your relationship with food. Oftentimes, we have the will, but we lack the way.

This is what led us to Marium Bilwani Katchi, owner of FitBe and creator of gluten-free and sugar-free desserts. We spoke to her about her food philosophy and some sugar-free swaps that can translate to a healthier you.

How did FitBe come into being?

More than anything else, FitBe started to satiate my own sweet tooth without feeling guilty! I’ve always been a fan of healthy eating but, about a year ago, I became really conscious of what I ate. I learnt it isn’t about avoiding what ingredients are bad for you, but about incorporating foods that are good for you!
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Should we eliminate sugar and gluten?

Sugar has empty calories and eating too much of it causes a number of problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity. It also harms your metabolism. However, I always crave something sweet after my meals, so I wanted to create food that gives the same satisfaction as sugar but without the problems. Some of my products contain brown sugar, but very little of it!

Gluten is hard to avoid completely as it is present in so many forms. I don’t think it is necessarily bad, but a lot of people are sensitive to it and may not even realize this fact. If you think you need to try a gluten detox, don’t dread it because gluten-free products can be equally tasty. Some people feel bloated and fatigued after eating gluten, which is why I wanted to venture into snacks that use alternate ingredients such as nuts and seeds. Here’s the best part: they taste great and provide fantastic nutrition.

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Cookie swap

There’s nothing like the smell of homemade cookies to get you drooling. Packing a calorie punch, the average chocolate chip cookie has 210 calories and 18 grams of sugar. That’s 9 teaspoons of sugar! Let’s swap this sweet treat for FitBe’s Champ Chomp Cookie, made from homemade peanut butter, chickpeas, and dark chocolate chips. There is no refined sugar and it’s less than 80 calories per cookie. The chickpea base gives it a high fiber and protein content and the dark chocolate chips are full of antioxidants.

Tea biscuit swap

A hot cup of chai always longs for a Marie biscuit to complete the ritual. With no real health value, this biscuit just means unnecessary calories and sugar. FitBe offers the power-packed Almo-Nutter Cookie, which is made from almonds and flax seeds. Full of fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, it is a grea- post workout snack.

Brownie swap

Who ddoesn’tlove brownies? Well, your waistline, for one! An average brownie has 250-300 calories per medium square, so around an hour on the treadmill. The FitBe alternative is the Choco Buff Brownie, which is less than 70 calories. It has a dark chocolate taste and provides you with a great protein and fiber content.

Fit Be can be found on Facebook and Instagram as Fit_be.