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Nine Essential Beauty Products for the Pakistani Summer

Embrace these beauty requirements for hotter months


By Tanya Muzaffar

Spring has turned its corner and has brought us summer! For many, summer means scorching days, balmy nights, poolside soirees and summer camps. Whether you’re here on vacation or busy being a corporate guru, we have put together your beauty requirements for these heated months.


sunscreenWhether you are indoors or outdoors, sunscreen is double underscored NEED product in your beauty bag. We like Neutrogena’s oil free sunscreen in SPF 30 (at minimum). Available at all leading stores, this product retails for about Rs.900 and should be applied every 2 hours.


rose waterRose water not only smells great, it has fantastic antibacterial properties too! Stick a bottle of Saeed Ghani’s rose water in your fridge overnight and mist it onto your face the following day. This will act as a toner, a refresher and a setting spray (if you’ve got powder makeup on). It’s an absolute must-have!

Essential oils

essential oilsThis one comes with a warning – they are not meant for everyone and should never be used undiluted. However, when mixed with a carrier oil (such as almond or coconut), it can be applied directly to the skin. Citronella is one such oil. It also acts as a natural mosquito repellant and is available at most organic stores.


sunglassesWith brunches and day weddings being all the rage, a bit of eye candy never goes amiss. We’re talking about your sunglasses here. Sunnies that ensure UVA and UVB protection are fantastic purchases as they not only protect your eyes from the harmful rays, but also protect the delicate skin around the eye from burning and wrinkling. And darling, bigger is better!

Hair masques

hair masqueSummer demands that maximum time should be spent in a swimming pool or in the ocean. Unfortunately, harsh salt water and chlorine residue can really stress the tresses out. The solution? Extra moisture boosts! Opt for hair masques that are packed with moisturising agents, which will breathe new life into dry hair… as if you needed another excuse to make a weekly protein appointment at your salon!


moisturiserNo, you’re not nuts for thinking your skin is oilier in the summer and dryer in the winter. It’s a proven fact that our skin changes with the seasons, with humidity forcing our skin to produce more oil. So is it the end of the world? Not yet. You can easily modify your skin routine by swapping out your facial cream for an oil-free lotion. With high water content, it gives your skin the right balance of moisture to survive the day.

Fuller’s earth

multani mittiAlso known as Multani mitti, this stuff is one of beauty’s best-kept secrets. The active ingredient is Bentonite, an absorbent clay compound that works like a magnet to suck excess oil and its trappings out of pores. For a one-two punch, it can be combined with almost any other beauty tool to amplify its effects. Use lemon juice to combat discolouration, milk to exfoliate, rosewater to combat bacteria, aloe vera for sunburns… we could go on. Bottom line: it’s a summer must-have!

Tinted moisturiserstinted moisturiser

Tinted moisturisers or BB creams are fantastic for summer fun. They give you lightweight coverage when you absolutely need it, and if they contain SPF, that’s always a plus! While we’re all about full coverage foundations, do you really want to be under a layer of thick, cakey makeup that could run in rivers onto your bright new chikankari kurta?

Foot scrub

foot scrubIt’s sandal season! Time to break out your Kolhapuris and show off freshly painted toes. But before you do that, make sure your heel game is on point… Not the 6” kind, but literally, your heels. When a pedicure is not possible, keep a foot scrub ready to polish the skin of your feet to a smooth glow. Cracked soles are so last winter!