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Nine Items You Need To Own If You Love Karachi

Wear your KHI heart on your sleeve


By Mahvish Faizaan Ahmed

Does Karachi run through your veins? Are you familiar with each gali and koocha of the megalopolis? Do you absolutely have to win each Karachi versus Lahore debate? Are you in love with its people, its food, its colonial architecture, its fast-paced life, the evening breeze and the sea despite the kachra on every corner? If the answer is yes to all of the above, then here are the items that you need to own to openly display your love for your city:

I Love Karachi Ring from IFF’s Collection

If you’re truly a Karachi die-hard, we suggest you wear this ring and never take it off! Whether you’re wearing a casual top and a pair of jeans or sporting the desi look, this ring will work well as an accessory, especially when it speaks your heart out!


Tea/Coffee Mug from Clayworks

If you love your city enough, have your daily dose of caffeine in this teal Clayworks mug. There’s nothing like starting your day being grateful about where you live.


iPhone Cover from Fray Design Studio

This is the perfect phone accessory for the art lovers in Karachi! These funky designs are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you answer a phone call.


Handbag from Pith

Ladies, isn’t this bag a dream come true? It’s the perfect size for daily use – you can carry it to work or use it for a day-out-shopping. It is spacious (16” x 12”) and aesthetically shows Mazaar-e-Quaid, the emblem of Karachi. It also has inner pockets to help you organise your essentials easily.


Cushion from Pith

Place this cushion on a bland old chair to bring it back to life. It’s also easy on the wallet.


Chair from Pith

Okay, we are a little obsessed with this store and another item we find amazing here is this chair. It is the THE item you need to decorate your home if you are a die-hard Karachi fan. This chair displays the Empress Market in the heart of Saddar, which is the purest representation of your beloved city. The area boasts of Karachi’s colourful colonial past and the bustling life of today, with a typical Karachi taxi on the road and the crazy mesh of electricity wires above. Pith usually stocks a piece or two at their store and the chair can also be made to order.


Shoes from AlmasPk

That is one exciting way of expressing love for the city of the Arabian Sea. We adore these! And we know that you do too!


Tray from The Craft Company

Show off your Karachi girl hospitality skills with this beautiful collage tray from The Craft Company. This would also make for the perfect gift item for your out-of-town friends.


Tray from Tali

Even better, is this wooden tray displaying a vintage photograph of Frere Hall, one of the most beautiful colonial buildings in Karachi.