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Nine Mouth Watering Iftar Deals That You Cannot Miss

Making iftar plans just became a lot more easier!

By Ariba Dangra

What is the one thing that brings a huge smile on your perpetually tired face in Ramazan? The momentous occasion of iftar. The time when you let your inner Bruce-From-Matilda out in full force and stuff your face with anything and everything that is within your reach. It has to be edible, of course. But the excitement lasts only for five minutes. Your taste buds, after lying dormant for a good 15 hours, need a few minutes to overcome the initial grogginess. Once they’re rudely awakened, they start protesting about the bland food you’re shoving down your throat. And that’s a major buzz kill especially if you’re sitting in a fancy restaurant and paying an even swankier price. The iftar that you were excited about for the past 15 hours just reached an anti-climax.

We don’t want that to happen, so we’ve done the job on your behalf and have decided to put an end to the torturous questions, ‘where should we go for iftar’, once and for all!

We’re talking from buffets to A la carte. Check out our top picks for the best iftar deals this Ramazan.

Let’s begin with Karachi which is home to some of the most interesting eateries as well tons of newer spots that offer a fix for whatever you’re craving.

The Deli

If you’re craving fusion food with exquisite flavors, then The Deli is the restaurant for you. The iftar deal consists of a menu which includes several cuisines and their amazing fresh salads (we’re looking at you Australian Mango salad). Thai beef salad, Stir fry chicken khaosuey, Florentine ravioli, and Crème brûlée cheese cake are a few options that you must try at the Mediterranean café.

Price per head: Rs. 1650 (exclusive of GST)

Paramount Fine Foods

Are you in the mood for some Middle Eastern cuisine? If yes, then Paramount Fine Foods is your best bet to find a fresh falafel and mouth-watering shawarmas; Head straight there for the most healthy and fresh iftar.

Price per head: Rs. 1395 (exclusive of GST)

Cafe Chatterbox

As the name suggests, the place offers a friendly, calm atmosphere with a decent iftar menu and lots of chatter but thankfully, it isn’t overwhelming. With a live kitchen and a continental menu, this place is a must-visit for us during Ramazan.

Price per head: Rs1290 (exclusive of GST)

Del Frio

From Peri Bites, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Szechuan Chicken to Fish n Chips, Del Frio’s iftar buffet offers good quality food with a lively ambience for that perfect evening. Don’t miss it this Ramazan.

Price per head: Rs. 1195 (exclusive of GST)

Chop Chop Wok

Think oriental delicacies at pocket-friendly prices with quick service! Sounds good, right? We’re talking about the hottest rice and noodles spot; Chop Chop Wok. Their stir fry noodles and rice bowls are definitely the perfect meal for iftar and their fried ice cream a very delicious cherry on the top.

Price per head: Rs. 1100


The chocolate house offers a simple yet delicious menu for iftar at a very pocket-friendly price. If you’re wandering around the mall or are gone broke shopping for Eid, then head to Lals for a casual yet delightful experience.

Price per head: Rs750 (exclusive GST)

Moving on, we have something for our Lahori ladies and gents as well. Apart from the famous food street, which is a food heaven, Lahori peeps have recently opened their arms to the café-culture. The Pantry is ago-to place for all the socialites and Rina’s Kitchnette is a recently discovered delight.

But these aren’t offering any iftar deals so let’s have a look at other options.

The Lahore Social

This is certainly a must-visit iftar place for anyone in Lahore thanks to its wide variety of dishes on the menu. This place in Gulberg, has everything from Candied Walnut Salad, Garlic Rustic Prawns, and steaks to burgers.

Price per head: Rs. 1595 (exclusive GST)

English Tea House

If you are looking for something light, healthy, and basic then the English Tea House is the perfect spot to have a light yet casual iftar with sandwiches and tea in Lahore. Their iftar platter consists of assorted dates, assorted pakoras, fruit chaat, crispy chicken wings, and cold sandwiches.

Price per head: Rs. 695 (exclusive GST)


Islamabad is known for its early-sleepers and zero night life BUT even they like to keep their iftars interesting.

The Monal Restaurant

Perched atop a mountain, Monal restaurant is a sight to behold. Just sitting at this beautiful restaurant is enough to satiate your appetite. An unforgettable iftar buffet with the perfect view is all that one desires, so take that trip uphill if you reside in Islamabad.

Price per head: Rs. 1635 (exclusive GST)