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Samiya Ansari gets Tomboy Chic

Style File with the Swear Upon Coco girl



Samiya Ansari, daughter of the renowned hair and makeup artist Saba Ansari of Sabs and the brains behind one of the most fashionable blogs Swear Upon Cocois a head turner at all major fashion parties. Her tomboy chic style varies according to her mood. However, Ansari’s closet consistently stays organized as she likes to keep it neat and color coordinated. How many of us can manage to do that? This fashionista invited us over to show us how she does it and we were spellbound!

What are you wearing this very minute?

My shirt and pants are from ZARA. I’m wearing Top Shop’s slip on and my choker is from H&M.

main-2A fashion label you absolutely love and why?

ZARA. It’s because they cater to my basic semi-formal needs, their on-trend, chic and affordable

What is your most treasured fashion possession?

Nowadays, it’s chokers and sneakers. I love them!

chokersWhen taking a sneak peek into your closet, what three items is one bound to find?

You’re going to find many flat sneakers, a lot of gold and metallic, and everything ZARA!

Let’s be honest here. What’s your closet like? Is it neat and proper? Or does it have an abstract language of its own?

Everything is in its place! I have a compartment for everything separately. Everything is laid out in colors. Myself being a blogger, sometimes I have to take pictures of my things so I like to stay organized like that.

jewelryOne trend among women you don’t get or absolutely dislike?

Besides cheetah print, of course, organza wraps. I can’t take them anymore. They all look and feel the same now.

Health and fitness play an important role in one’s attractive physical appearance. Are you health conscious? How do you keep yourself thin and fit?

I haven’t been going to the gym these days, otherwise, I regularly go to the gym. I also feel the most important thing that plays a big role in keeping us fit is enough hours of sleep. So I try to sleep well also to be fit and energetic.

img_0387Who was the last person towards whom you felt closet-envy?

Sadaf from Sana Safinaz. I think she has some of the amazing stuff and amazing style! Nausheen Shah has impeccable taste as well/

Let’s come to your dressing table? Name a few must-haves on your dressing table?

Givenchy loose powder, Smash Box contour kit, Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation and Benefit mascara. They can make my day.

img_1623-2E-shopping is mad popular! Do you shop online? Tell us about your recent few buys?

I’m not that big on online shopping but if I know I’m not traveling then ASOS, Net-a-Porter, and ZARA are always my go-to’s. I recently bought these really cool golden heels from ASOS.com.

What about traditional clothing? What do you enjoy wearing?

I like traditional clothing but with a hint of western in it. I love Misha Lakhani because she is so close to tradition yet all her clothes have amazing western cuts. So I enjoy a mix of both.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest “stayer” of the pre-fall season?

I feel the cut-off shoulders and off shoulders are really in! Of course, sneakers don’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon.

img_0386How would you describe your style mantra? Your very own style philosophy?

My style varies from chic to sporty. I like dressing up funky sometimes, and then other times I would wear something extremely decent black and white. I’m a chic tomboy!

Tell us a few ways to dress up for less?

I think everyone should invest in basic nude heels and white sneakers. It doesn’t matter what brand they are from, these two things literally go with any outfit you wear. Besides H&M, ZARA and Top Shop, in Pakistan I feel shops like Icon and Mantra are very good and affordable.

shoesAny fashion errors women are still making?

Women still don’t wear clothes according to their body type and I feel that there are many legs that are not made for skinny jeans. Short girls wear bell bottoms and that looks quite bad. So short girls should either wear heels or quit wearing bell bottoms.

What piece of clothing do you spend most of your money on?

Jeans! Because I feel every blue jeans has a different color, fit and feel to it.

black-heelsWhat’s your most favorite place in Pakistan for shopping?

Icon by Hira Tareen. I love it.

Did your parents ever make you wear something you did not like? There has got to be something worthy of mention!

There are many! (laughs) My parents used to dress up my sister and I like twins. I also remember this glittery light pink long dress which I wore as a child and everyone called me an Oscar award that night. I cannot forgive my parents for that! (laughs)

main-1Any known personalities you’d like to teach a thing or two about fashion or style?

Sanam Saeed. She is such a young and fresh personality; I feel there’s a lot that can be done with her. People think she’s wheat-ish so they don’t play around with her makeup or hair and end up giving her a plain straight hair kind of a look. If I get a chance, I would put her in tomboy clothes, make her hair grungy, and do other cool things.

Lastly, your favorite fashion quote, you swear by?

“Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel