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Pakistan’s very first falsies are here

Zhoosh up your lashes

lashloveZehra Hasan

“Lashes are the new boobs,” according to every beauty queen worth her eyelash curler, “we all want a new pair”. They need to be thicker, longer, darker and oh-so-sexier. Twiggy like lashes have picked up over the past four years and the beauty industry has heard our call. Eyelashes can be plumped up with gels, extended and tortured into shape.

We’re are all guilty of some lash lust when staring in wonder at those Bambi-like lashes that the Kardashian sisters bat into their selfies. Thankfully, the stubs that God granted us with are not the last word in lashes.

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Lahore-based brand Zhoosh has launched a line  of Pakistan’s own silky falsies guaranteed to make your eyes pop.  Joining Huda beauty, MAC, and Ardell the false eye lashes are made of genuine Siberian mink and not human hair which apparently cannot be curled (what’s even the point?). The Zhoosh line of mink lashes can be worn up to 25 times. There is a limited variety of options that can be ordered online from a sleek website for cash on delivery. We are loving the “Bambi” priced at just Rs 1950 which is almost one fifth the cost of international brands.

Falsies may look OTT for everyday but with shadi season around the corner they’re a fun way to  amp up your eyes for a bold and glamorous look. Stick them on and bat your eyes at an unsuspecting crush – we won’t tell!


Step 1: Apply mascara, curl lashes, do every thing you normally do,

Step 2: Cut the little band to fit your eye line,

Step 3: Add glue,

Step 4: Put ’em on.

PRO TIP: Use your fingers, not tweezers