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Peplum 101

Which one is right for you?


Maheen Bajwa

It’s lesson time again! We get down to the nitty gritty of the cute new ‘peplum’ trend which is making waves on the fashion circuit. The peplum is a short shirt with more volume on the bottom versus a traditional straight shirt. The shape is so cute and dainty it is sometimes called a babydoll shirt.

The one misconception that people have when it comes to the peplum is that it has only one cut, and it may not suit their body type. There is actually a peplum shape for every woman, no matter what their type:

Straight Body Type

straightA straight figured woman’s bust and hips are equal and her waist line is not defined. Women who have straight bodies should look into peplums with belts for a structured look.

Pear body type

pearThis is a well-defined shape and let’s you show off those curves. Women who have pear shaped bodies tend to have hips that are wide compared to the rest of their body. We suggest a peplum with panels which start from the shoulders so that the hips don’t look too big.


Spoon Body type

spoonIf you related to Shakira’s hips that “don’t lie” then you may be a spoon. This figure resembles the number eight. If you have a spoon shaped body, it would be advisable to wear tops that have empire waists. Try a sexy angharka peplum to enhance all the right features.

Hour Glass

hourglassHello, Kim Kardashians. Women with hour glass body shapes, look best in peplums with defined bodice tops that are well- fitted. To have more fun go with a shorter length peplum.

Top Hour Glass

tophourglassThis shape is quite similar to the hour glass shape except that your main assets are at the top. Your waist is the most gorgeous section of your body yet you need to create more hip to provide a balance. In this case, a belted peplum with the bottom having lots of volume will be perfect. The peplum and dhothi shalwar combo will look fabulous on your body type.

So there you have it girls, now go out there look great while rocking the peplum.