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Perfect Tray 101

Serving up in Style


By Mahvish Ahmed

Meet the perfect hostess: her home is tastefully decorated and her sofas are cozy and inviting.  She lights vanilla scented candles to freshen up the living room and switches on lamps to create the perfect ambiance when her friends call her to say they are coming over.  She throws together a combo of savoury and sweet items on the shortest notice and serves it all on the perfect tray for her guests.

1a489aChoosing the perfect tray for your GTs and tea parties can make what you are serving look even more exciting. We discovered that there is a variety of trays with modern patterns to very traditional ones.

Navigate the made-in-Pakistan trays world with our guide.

Vintage Chic by Nest

nestWouldn’t some macaroons look nice sitting on this digitally printed tray displaying vintage teacups with a golden wooden frame and brass handles. The 12×20 tray features a bright print kept safe by glass for easy washing. The back is covered with luxurious velvet.

Price : Rs.3,500

Earthy Tiles by The Craft Company


The Aqua Arabesque Mosaic tray is made with the finest aged wood. The hand-cut mosaic is inspired by the blue domes of ancient Persia. The designs have been adapted to create a product that is functional yet borrows from the art of ancient tile work and mosaic. The 13×13 tray would be an eclectic centerpiece for your coffee table as well as the perfect wedding gift.

Price: Rs. 7,360

Modern Elegance by The Lounge


This square artistic tray is made also with digital printed fabric pressed with an acrylic sheet making it water and stain proof. Sheesham wood has been used for the frame, which is deco polished in red to give it a finished look. Sizes range from 16″ by 16″ or 18″ by 18″. The next house warming party you have to go to, take this piece as the gift. You can thank us later for discovering this one for you!

Price: Rs.3,850

Floral Tropics by Esque


Inspired by the beauty of the tropics this tray is made from clear crystal acrylic. Serve some colorful mocktails to earn the hostess points from your friends! The tray is water proof making your life a little easier. ProTip: Add a mocktail umbrella to each glass for some wow factor.

Price: Rs.6,000

Nostalgic Charm by Pith Collection


This wooden shabby chic nautical tray shows Karachi Port making it an ideal buy for the die-hard Karachi lover. Use a damp cloth for cleaning to maintain the quality and the colors. And, if you don’t have the heart to see tea stains on it, add it to a vignette on your centre table to let it shine.

Price: Rs.1600

Truck Art with Tali


The lovely Moreni tray by Tali shows Pakistan’s famous and much appreciated truck art. It is hand-painted and produced using Sheesham wood. For all your friends living abroad, this one would make an ideal token to remind them of home. The tray is lacquered and can be wiped clean. The dimensions are 17.5″x 17.5″.

Price: Rs. 5,500

Tea Party by Khaadi


If you’re into vintage patterns, this tray from Khaadi Home is a must-have for you! The size is 13” x 13” and will easily accommodate four mugs of tea for those daily chat sessions with your girlfriends over your dose of caffeine.

Price: Rs.2,800

Ethnic Mosaic by Habitt


When something screams ethnic, we instantly fall in love with it. This wooden tray is one of those pieces! The pattern reminds us of Mexican tiles. With autumn knocking at the door, the warm and earthy hues make this one a perfect buy for the coffee parties you are scheduled to host.

Price: Rs.4,500