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PNJ Vs NMA – Which Film Has The Better Dance Number?

Which will be the next big mehndi song?

Sheila Ki Jawani and Kajra re changed the way we looked at so called ‘item numbers’. Since then, we take it upon ourselves to listen to these pieces of fluff and decide whether they have the mass appeal or not.

Kaif o Suroor, from Na Maloom Afraad 2, and 24/7 Lak Hilna, from Punjab Nahi Jaungi, are essentially two  different songs – with one being sung in a club while the other in a wedding – and people might argue that they shouldn’t be compared. But to us, they’re upbeat numbers that have the potential to become the next big menhdi number. So, we’ll go ahead and begin the face-off.

Let’s see what each one has to offer.

The dance

You know something is off when you find yourself appreciating Ahmed Ali Butt’s dance moves and not Urwa Hocane’s; especially if Meesha Shafi (the singer) is crooning in the background suggesting that the lak (waist) of a certain belle (Urwa) moves 24/7. Looking at belle’s movement or lack thereof, we don’t think so bro!

The poet got it all wrong, the ‘lak hilna’ part should’ve been sung by the male singer, Sahir Ali Bagga, because Ahmed, here, is swaying it like a pro.

Now let’s come to Sadaf Kanwal’s Kaif-o-Suroor. The movements are smooth as silk but where’s the choreography? It feels like Nomi Ansari’s gorgeous dress and Sadaf’s toned abs went to waste because twirling to an Arabic tune doesn’t do anything for us.

Which one wins? None, although 24/7 lak’s choreography is on point.

The vocals

Aima Baig and Meesha Shafi have a similar tonal quality. They don’t have your usual sickeningly sweet feminine vocals, and we love that! But in the end it’s the composition that enables the singer to shine and Sahir Ali Bagga has done a good job for PNJ while Shani Arshad falls short for NMA.

Unfortunately, Kaif-o-Suroor reminds us of Maiyaa Maiyaa (an Indian film song) which is a major dampener.

Which one wins? Meesha Shafi, Deeba Kiran, and Sahir Ali Bagga, because while Aima Baig gave it her best, the music overpowered her powerful vocals.

The lyrics

Once you listen to the song, you’ll realise that both the songs have miserable lyrics. But Kaife o suroor hai certainly sounds more deep and poetic than “Mera 24/7 lak hilna hilna hilnaaa….”.

Which one wins? We’ll have Kaif-o-suroor over Mera 24/7 lak hilna, any day every day.

The overall verdict, however, goes in favour of Punjab Nahi Jaongi’s festive beat because it doesn’t sound like a first copy of a number of Bollywood songs.