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Six Cool Trends Every Girl Should Try This Summer

Get, set, trend!

By Maha Asif Rizwan

When was the last time you wore the quintessential three piece suit? We’re hoping your answer is an incredulous look our way as if we’ve lost our minds for asking such a question. Because you don’t want that sort of monotony in your life. We’re not suggesting you show up at your mother’s cousin’s house with black lipstick on (or maybe we are), but we do hope you’re open to shaking things up…A LOT!

Statement pants, sarees with a twist, and ruffled sleeves are a few of the trends that you should definitely experiment with this Summer. Here is a chance for you to play dress up this season and do it in style.

Statement Pants with Loose Curls

Go bold with floral green statement pants and pair it with a flowing crop top. We’ve been ogling at this Layla Chatoor outfit ever since we got to know of its existence. It is a vision of spring in summer.

Dab some highlighter on your cheek bones, part those loose curls, and add complementary floral accessories to make a statement.

Cape Sleeves And Brave Lip Colors

Powder blue is a must in every fashionista’s summer wardrobe, but are you ready to brave it on your lips? The gorgeous model and talented makeup artist, Hima Raza, rocks the icy blue lip color in this matching Kokab outfit with embroidered cape sleeves and harem pants.

Remember, the cool girl never shy’s away from an understated yet daring trend!

Print-on-Print With Bright Eye Shadows

Turquoise is definitely our color of choice this season. If you’re sick of wearing eastern wear on repeat, we suggest you try this print on print saree from Generation, wrap a belt around it, and apply a bright turquoise eye shadow to complete the look.

Come on girls, stack up those rings and get ready to take the festivities head on!

Ruffles And Braids

What’s not to love about a look that makes you feel like a mermaid? Go ahead and put together this ruffle sleeves top by Gulabo with bow tie pants, and matching embellished khussas by Soma.

Bring it all together with a deconstructed top braid with messy waves and there, you just made your traditional outfit look uber cool.

Off-Shoulder Wonder

Summer is not just about sporting everything light and breezy. We picked a bold, dark blue outfit From Sania Maskatiya, paired it with black pumps, and went ahead with an easy going half top knot. Don’t you love the result?

Combined with the purple lip color this look channels your inner Goth while keeping it feminine with the help of a gold emerald bangle by Kohar.

Garden Florals Meet Top Knots

Your formal florals are seriously in need of a twist. Hima Raza wore her intricate and beautiful Sania Maskatiya outfit with a bold red lip and a high ponytail. We combined it with a pop of color in bright Kohar jewels. Keep the dupatta flowing or tie it to your wrist like Hima did, either way, this look will take you from morning to evening with the right amount of pretty panache.