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PSFW Day 1: Generation Aces These 5 Trends Like A Boss

Translucent pants anyone?

By Rozina Bhutto

What comes to your mind when we say Generation? Flared silhouettes, minimal embroidery, and cuts that flatter even the most unflattering body shapes. Not that we have any right to comment on other people’s bodies, but let’s stop with the niceties and agree that nobody likes their tummies sticking out or their shoulders sagging. We love to wear clothes that make us look sleek and striking. And Generation has been doing that for ages now.

On PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’s day one, Generation’s Creative Director Khadija Rehman revealed the second collection she personally designed for the popular high street retail brand, after last year’s successful showcase – A Dot That Went For A Walk. This time around Generation gave us more than a nicely put together show, they introduced new trends and restored our faith in a few old ones.

Multi layered pants

We’ve seen multi-layered skirts, sleeves, and gowns, but who thought you could layer up a simple straight-cut flared pants and elevate your everyday look one layer at a time.

Cropped shalwars

Yet another trend that made us go, “why didn’t anyone ever think of THAT before,” was this shalwar here that ends quarter way down your legs. The wider fit of the shalwar compliments every shape so flaunt it fearlessly!

FYI, this does not mean that you can go rage a war against your little sister’s wardrobe and return with booty (your sister’s shalwar).

Organza pants

Before you go all haw-haye on us, let us explain. You are supposed to pair this with a long opaque kurta to avoid the risk of making it to the ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ section of a magazine. We love the peek-a-boo effect and the plaid organza.

If it was up to us, these pants will definitely make a quick journey from the ramp to our racks.

Patchwork jackets

This design element is not exactly revolutionising the fashion scene; We’ve seen it, worn it, and rocked it. But that doesn’t stop us from proudly draping a patchwork cape or coat on our shoulders, especially if it is a de-constructed one. It instantly adds oodles of drama to your outfit and that makes it a wardrobe staple.

Pleated Palazzos…

Aren’t going anywhere! Again, palazzo and pleats have come together in previous editions of PSFW as well but Generation reintroduced them last night and we’re floored.