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‘Rang De’ Is A Feel Good Wedding Song

I just wish it had more of Ali Noor

By Muna Moini

What are weddings without good music!? Boring! Just like Biryani without aaloo and raita. But have you ever imagined a dholki without even a dhol? Well, Ali Noor makes that possible with this new Acapella track: Rang De. Introducing the very talented Parizae Azhar, Safeer Jaffery, and Ahsan Pervaiz, the festive tune has an old school feel to it. While I’m all for modern rock and punk, I also love staying true to our traditional Chitta Kukars and Mathey Ta Chamkan Wals.

Won’t say Rang De is the perfect wedding song, but after watching the video, you might end up doing a luddi or two.

As soon as the song begins, I couldn’t help but swing to the beat and sing along! And being the Ali Noor fan that I am, jump with joy at his entry as the bride’s brother in a crisp white kurta shalwar. I wish the song featured more of him! But it seems he was more interested in staying behind-the-camera this time around.

“I want people to start writing their own lyrics…I want girls and boys to not just be singers but musicians,” says Ali Noor during the making of the video.

Speaking of the video, it is produced and directed by the husband-wife duo Ali Noor and Mandana and while I didn’t witness anything ground-breaking, the video is pleasant to the eyes and ears.

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Let’s have a look at the making of Rang De and see how Ali Noor discovered Parizae Azhar, who seems to be a promising singer.