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Remembering Chester Bennington With Seven Linkin Park Songs

End of an era

By Sherazade Khan

If you grew up in the 2000s you were no doubt, at one point or another, singing along Chester Bennington to tunes such as In The End, Numb, and Crawling. Linkin Park’s songs might be too emo for everyone’s liking, but their music was hard to ignore. And so is this news: Linkin Park’s remarkable vocalist, Chester Charles Bennington, has joined the list of our favourite musicians who are no longer with us.

Sadly, he took his own life just like his good friend, Chris Cornell, who passed away earlier this year. Coming together in 1996, the rock band of sorts sold more than 70 million albums worldwide and even won two Grammys.

If you’re feeling nostalgic like us, join us as we listen to songs that we couldn’t get enough of in the good old days!

Hybrid Theory was Linkin Park’s debut album, released in 2002, and In The End was a catchy tune that caught EVERYONE’s attention.

Meteora was their second studio album, which released in 2003, and though there were more than a few good tracks in there, Numb was our most favourite.

Four years passed before Linkin Park released their third album, Minutes to Midnight, which gave a different direction to the band’s music. It featured live songs from around the world and our favourite was Shadow of the Day, live from Melbourne.

In September 2010, Warner Bros studios released the band’s fourth album, A Thousand Suns, which was a multi-concept collection of songs that dealt with humanity’s many fears – one of which was nuclear warfare. The Catalyst went straight to the top of Billboard’s Alternative and Rock songs charts, so do have a listen.

After years of experimentation, Linkin Park’s fifth album, Living Things, finally brought the band to what they claimed was, “familiar territory”. It featured a number of instrumental and cappella versions of their songs, but it was Burn It Down that sent chills down our spine!

Linkin Park’s sixth studio album, titled The Hunting Party re-introduced the band to its soul: rock music. Wastelands was used as a title song for UFC and is also available on Guitar Hero.

Their last album, One More Light, was released, ironically, the day after Chris Cornell’s death, on the 19th of May this year. Heavy features Kiiara and received critical reviews for being more pop-oriented than nu rock, but we love it! Listening to it now, after receiving the tragic news, one can really relate with the meaningful lyrics – it seems Bennington was just holding on for dear life but couldn’t take it anymore.