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Retinol: Your Life-Saver After 21

Wrinkles and Acne scars, Be gone


By Palwasha Khan

When it comes to the possibility of achieving an even complexion, there is not a lot out there we won’t try ; there is one product in the market that we absolutely must get our hands on – Retinol Creams! In layman terms, these are a vitamin A complex and have several derivatives, such as tretinoin and isotretinoin.

Retinol does a lot for us – eliminates clinical signs of photo-ageing, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it keeps our pores clean and helps minimize their appearance, helps with acne, acne scars and/or marks. Now, have you heard of one single product that targets all these skin concerns? Not before now, we’re sure.

Retinol products are recommended to be used once to four times a week over a stretch of six months. Once your desired results are achieved, the application of the retinol can be reduced to twice or thrice a week – depending on the kind of skin you have. Retinol creams have a peel-off effect on the skin that’s why most dermatologists recommend using it on alternate days to achieve desired results and then on every third day.

It is important to know that these retinol products should be used at night – and there has to be a heavy duty moisturizer added to the beauty regime. Plus, to bring about the maximum effects, dermatologists recommend the use of sunscreen when going out since direct sunlight brings about dark spots, wrinkles and the entire photo-ageing process. When used in combination with anti-ageing creams, with collagen or hyaluronic acid, retinol creams do wonders.



Retinol creams are available in various over the counter drug forms in Pakistan– and can be used safely by most adults. However, some people have very sensitive skin so we recommend a visit to the doctor to ask if it would suit your particular skin type.