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Salon Review: Coiffure Services

Say hello to the salon on wheels


By Mahvish Ahmed

Life in a megalopolis like Karachi can be busy enough to make you go to work with unshaped brows for days. If you are a working mum, the only time you get to see the inside of a spa is in your dreams. I am sure there have also been times when you couldn’t get yourself a blowout before your best friend’s dholki because of the daunting traffic. Long story short, with the mammoth of chores you have to perform each day, you visit the salon less frequently than you’d like to. The solution to all such problems in the life of the urban woman is finally here in Karachi and it’s called Coiffure.

So what is Coiffure all about? It’s a mobile salon service that brings a salon right to your doorstep. With a pro staff and almost all spa services available at competitive prices, this on-the-wheels salon is making waves. Women’s Own had the opportunity to speak to one the three partners of this awesome facility, Anum Altaf, and here’s what she told us:

What was the idea behind starting a home salon?

Anum: Karachi is a busy city, with everyone rushing to get their work done. Coiffure is a one-stop beauty solution for all the ladies with busy lifestyles. Our customers are stay-at-home mothers, newly weds, students, working ladies and everyone who wants to save themselves from the hassle of getting stuck in the traffic, going to a salon, waiting for their turn, bearing all the hustle bustle of a salon and then finally heading home. Now that sounds exhausting doesn’t it? And that’s exactly why we provide professional, hygienic and safe salon services all over Karachi, from 10: 30 am to 9:00 pm. Wherever you are located whether in DHA, Gulshan or as far as Safoora Goth, our stylists will be at your place providing you the best of salon services at the comfort of your home.

How long have you been running this service for?

Anum: It’s been exactly 13 months to our business, we just celebrated our 1st year anniversary in November.

How has the journey been so far?

Anum: In one word the journey has been simply exhilarating. We are practically always on our feet. We start getting calls from 9 am and they don’t stop till 2 am. There are days when we are managing 20 appointments in a single day.

Last year we started with just one room office and a staff of three. Today, we have two offices one in DHA and one at Tariq road, we have 6 stylists on board and other relevant staff including drivers, inventory managers, salon manager, customer representatives, digital manager and business development manager. We are always on the go. We have over 300+ clients all over the city, and the number is increasing at a rapid pace.

Which one of your services is the most popular?

Anum: Our grooming services such as waxing, facials, manicure and pedicure are most demanded by our customers. There is also a seasonal impact that comes into play. With the arrival of the shaadi season, we start getting a lot of make-up and hairdo appointments.

Tell us a little about the kind/range of products you use?

Anum: From day 1, our rule was that we will not compromise on product quality and this is the reason why our business is running the way it is. We ensure best quality and genuine products for all of our customers. We offer facials of high-end brands like Dermacos, VLCC and Jansen. We have the complete manicure and pedicure range of Dermacos and for make-up we have brands like MAC.

How many clients do you serve on average in a day?

Anum: On an average we serve around 9 clients. On busy days, the number can go as high as 15.

Do you plan to open a spa facility where people can come as well?

Anum: We have a lot of plans for expansion in the near future. And yes, a spa facility is one of them.

Do you plan to expand into men’s services anytime soon?

Anum: Well, initially we did start with services for both men and women but the influx of men wanting our services wasn’t very high. So, we decided to focus on just women.

What is the best part of running your own business?

Anum: The appreciation we receive from our clients keeps us going on both good and bad days. There are so many ladies who really cannot get out of homes and get their services done and for them we are true life-savers. Plus, you are your own boss, it’s your baby and that’s why you exhaust yourself to the limit but in the end, it’s all worth it!

What is the worst part of running a business in a city like Karachi?

Anum: In a city like Karachi, where there are is always traffic and VIP movements, we are always biting our nails hoping that the stylists reach the client’s place on time. Another worry is safety – last week we got robbed and the majority of our inventory in the car was taken away. So, this stuff happens but I guess it’s all a part and parcel of running a business.

For more details and price lists, check out their Facebook page here