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Sanam Saeed Is Back With Her First Love

"I enjoy the rush and high of being on stage"

By Muna Moini

Sanam Saeed might have taken a break from the theatre, but her performance in Zain Ahmed’s Urdu musical, Heer Ranjha, in September proved that she most definitely hadn’t forgotten her first love: stage!

The brilliant actress once again graces the stage with Nida Butt’s The 39 Steps, which is an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s film by the same title.

Saeed’s first play, a decade ago, was with Nida Butt – is this the reason why she can never say no to her?

“I’m always approached for Nida’s plays. We have been working together for about 10 years now. Except for a couple, I’ve always been in the Made For Stage Productions,” she replies. “We work well as a team; we understand each other’s aesthetics and have been exposed to the same kinds of theatre in and out of Pakistan.”

She adds:

“I had seen The 39 Steps performed on the West End in London and so had she. We agreed it was a fantastic play to recreate here for our audiences.”

So is Sanam Saeed a Hitchcock fan?

After a quick affirmation, she explains, “I studied some Hitchcock in university while studying film and theatre but that’s about it..who didn’t enjoy The Birds and Psycho?

Talking about her role, the multitalented star adds, “I’m the only girl in the play, and I play three characters – a German spy, a Scottish lass and an English woman. I love playing around with accents, so for me, this was such a treat to work on.”

While theatre may be Saeed’s first love, it does get a bit grueling and that’s when her love for film steps in.

“I enjoy the rush and high of being on stage and the fact that my characters become a second skin literally. But the rehearsals can get grueling and exhausting and mind-numbing at times; doing things over and over again. I love the process of film too as it is short yet intense,” she says while comparing her love for dramas, films, and theatre.

A lot of hard work goes into making each performance a success and there’s only one message that Saeed has for her fans,

“Come one come all, bring the kids, bring your family members, bring a date! Come enjoy the spectacle. With minimal sets and props, The 39 Steps is designed in such a way that it visually stuns you with its gimmicks and performances none the less. With just four actors we play over 35 characters!”

Directed by yours truly . Hitting stage on 24th November at the Karachi Arts Council #39StepsKhi

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The 39 Steps features Faraz Lodhi, Zeeshan Shah and Ali Hashmi apart from Saeed and will continue to play till December 9, 2017. Do not miss this theatrical treat and go grab your tickets right away!