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Sapphire’s Best-sellers

Buyers have cast their votes and here are the results

ArticleBy Mahvish Ahmed

Correct us if we are wrong but we are certain that your go-to brand for all your fashion needs is Sapphire. The long queues (and sometimes entertaining cat fights that happen at the outlets) when a new collection launches are proof to how popular the brand is. Natasha Saleem, the marketing head at Sapphire tells us: “Our designs are contemporary and we never compromise on quality. To top that, all our items are very reasonably priced. That’s why we are one of the most loved clothing brands in Pakistan.”

But which items exactly topped the charts and truly won over OUR hearts? To find out, we spoke to team Sapphire and rounded up 9 of the best selling pieces churned out by the label this season.

Most popular stitched khaddar kurta: Sweet Devotion

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Because when you put together black and white with yellow, it’s nothing less than striking. Also, because broken stripes and leaves co-existing on the same kurta is rather unusual.

Most popular unstitched 2 piece print: Antique Obsession B

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Pastels in winter are just the right way to break away from gloomy shades and radiate happier vibes. Plus, short peplum tops are infashion and the lilac print is just perfect to sport the cute cut.

Most popular unstitched 3 piece print: Gothic Empire B

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Because vintage is the way to go and those vibrant pink roses really stand out on the black background. The print can be used in the day without the dupatta to keep things casual. For dinner parties – add the dupatta, wear a hot pink lip color and some bling earrings.

Most popular unstitched 4 piece print: Indian Florence

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Because who doesn’t need a black outfit in their wardrobe? No one. Black is indeed slimming and suits every skin tone.

Most popular sweater: F.B.C L.Brown

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Because neutral sweaters can be paired with outfits of all colours. Hence, they come with fewer restrictions. And yes, fringes are trending!

Most popular scarf: Lords of Files

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Because a colourful scarf is the perfect way to add character to a plain outfit. Also, it’s a little truck artsy, keeping in line with the trends.

Most popular ladies shoes: Casual Espadrilles

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Because these are just too cute and comfy to miss!

Most popular bag: Pink Satchel

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Because pastel pink appeared in abundance on the runways for winter 2016-17 fashion shows. Hence, this one’s bang on trend.

Most popular jewelry item: Mosaic EarringsIn Article-3


Because ethnic jewelry items are ideal for desi fashion lovers. This pair would be just the right accessory with those tulip shalwars and truck art khussas!