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Say hello to statement sleeves this Spring

Bows over Boys

By Ariba Dangra

Summer is here and so is the biggest fashion trend of 2017: dramatic sleeves. This trend maybe staring annoyingly at us from ramps, magazines, and our Instagram feeds but we’re not going to lie, we love every bit of it. After all, it’s just another excuse to add drama to our wardrobes and don’t we all love doing that?

Pair the dramatic bows with straight pants or ripped jeans for a casual lunch or boot cuts for a perfect night out. Like a red lipstick, they have the gene to up your style game in a jiffy. They come in all shapes and sizes – from being multi-layered to plain splits. So step out with bold choices from Farah Talib’s exaggerated bow sleeves to Farida Hasan’s ruffles.

Here are our top picks.


Farah Talib Aziz is the queen of ‘Bows’ and her statement sleeves are to die for: scroll through her latest collection to get some major inspo.



Do we hear puffs? From cheese puffs to sartorial ones, we love everything to do with this word. And Amber Gohar is your go-to person with her trend-setting puffy sleeves.


Mix em up!

Maybe you don’t want to stick to one style? If that’s the case, then Farida Hasan has a vast collection of sleeves ranging from bell to bows to ruffles.



If your bank balance is giving you nightmares but so is your so-last-season outfits then head to Generation. It has everything from chic flared sleeves to peek-a-boo ones and that too within your budget.



If you want kurtas that you can wear from day to evening, then head to Sapphire. The retail brand offers some really cool sleeve options this season.