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The true story of freezing off my belly fat

Secrets from the surgeon's office


By Mishayl Naek

You’ve done the workouts, tried the diets and bought the fad creams but those pockets of fat just aren’t budging. Now lets assume you’ve cut out French fries and introduced Detox drinks as your snack, and need some non-invasive help in the love handle department. This is where the fabulous Dr. Muhammed Ali Jawad, Plastic Surgeon and founder of R5 clinic comes to the rescue.

We showed him our problem spots and cried on his white doctors coat about fat shame and how 50 burpees is worse than childbirth. His new clinic R5 is is here to help us feel and look great, and he advised us on various procedures to give Mother Nature some help. We didn’t just stop there kind readers, we TESTED each procedure to see tell you exactly what you’d be signing up for. Talk about commitment. Here’s what he recommended to help us tackle our lumpy bits:

Freeze Your Fat

There are certain jiggly parts of your body that no number of Pilates classes will tighten. C-Section mums are particularly familiar with the “mum tum”, the flap of skin and fat that just hangs there with no shame. As us mere mortals curse our post baby bellys and hid in the box kameez, there are those with multiple babies rocking a choli ghagara. #WTH.

We asked Dr. Jawad, to also make us into Britney Spears pre-breakdown, and he offered up an array of procedures. We tried out Cryolaser or Coolsculpting, which permanently freezes 25% of your subcutaneous fat. Your body processes these dead cells over 1-3 months and disposes of them in the natural way (i.e. poop).

This sounded fantastic. We love all kinds of frozen stuff ice cream, ice lollies, slushies, so if frozen stuff got us in this predicament freezing off our stubborn fat just makes sense. The procedure takes around 30 minutes, give or take another 15-20 minutes of measuring and marking of targeted fat.

The most disturbing part of the whole experience was seeing your charbi get sucked into that machine.No one needs to see their fat literally measured in front of them.Otherwise it was mildly discomforting, and the time went quick. Afterwards there can be redness or mild bruising that will go away. Lets just say a bikini wax is much worse.

I definitely saw a difference a month later with my pronounced lower belly looking smaller, and will be getting more in other areas, like the love handles. If you’ve lost the weight and cant seem to get rid of that bulge this is highly recommended. At Rs. 12,500-15,000 per session its not going to break the bank, so skip the Misha kameez and try this out instead, because everything looks better with 25% less fat.