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Seven Designer Sunglasses You Cannot Not Have

It's time to face the sun

Sunglasses – a magical accessory that fights two battles in one go! It protects your eyes from UV rays and the resultant unnecessary squinting, hence, keeping the crow’s feet at bay. And, it adds a bucket load of glam to ANY look. Picture this: A down trodden, scrunched, white kurta, paired with your oldest denims and flip flops; now add a sexy pair of reflective sunnies. Didn’t the last part instantly revolutionize the otherwise meh sight?

That’s the power of sunglasses.

And it multiplies when you get your hands on the most coveted IT sunnies of the season. Don’t know where to find those? Nusrat and Kulsoom of Heavenly Closet are here to help. They can buy any designer goody on your behalf from the US and deliver it to your doorstep in Pakistan, all you need to do is share a link or a picture, and voila!

And to help you build your shopping list, here are seven pair of sunglasses you must watch out for.

Chanel Round Sunglasses

Have you checked Chanel’s Spring/Summer collection 2017? It made to stores a while back and we love every single pair of sunglasses in there. Our favourite is the Chanel Round Summer sunglasses, because they’re just so amazing to look at. And they’ll definitely compliment every face shape.

Image source: Chanel’s official website

They are priced at approximately US $625.

Dior J’adior Sunglasses

They make a strong statement with their thick black frame and gold-tone metal rims. The square shape is almost similar to wayfarer and we know those look good on anyone and everyone. These will last you long ladies, trust us.

And even Bad Girl Riri was spotted sporting this one!

They are priced at approximately US $710

Celine Shadow Sunglasses

Another potential-to-become-a-classic pair of sunnies is the Celine Shadow sunglasses. The minimalist design with no added stud or stones is futuristic yet evergreen!

Image source: Shopify

They are priced at approximately US $545.

Givenchy 56mm Aviator Sunglasses

Metallic rims seem to be trending this season and so does the double and triple bridge. This one by Givenchy comes with a thick bridge sitting atop a metallic circle. You need to be really style savvy to pull these ones off with panache!

                                                                          Image source: Nordstorm

They are priced at approximately US $725.

Chanel Butterfly Runway Sunglasses

It is the age of ‘everything’. Yes, from wayfarers and aviators, to cat eye sunglasses, every style and shape of sunglasses is in vogue. Like we said earlier, Chanel had us mesmerized this season and these Butterfly sunnies was one of the reasons.

Image source: Chanel’s official website

They are priced at approximately US $475.

Balenciaga Monochromatic Shield Cat Eye Sunglasses

Another cat eye pair to try this season is the Monochromatic Shield Cat Eye Sunglasses from Balenciaga. The chunky pair looks super cool (nope, not sexy) and is perfect for someone who’s a huge fan of androgynous dressing!

They are priced at approximately US $495.

Louis Vuitton The Party Sunglasses

Next up is the bling-est pair on the block. We don’t usually appreciate studs and crystals on our accessories, but The Party sunglasses by LV are (hashtag) goals!

They are priced at approximately US $665.

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This post was produced in partnership with Heavenly Closet.