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Seven Trends To Ditch This Eid

Get set throw!

By Sumbul Hasaan

Let’s get two things straight: ‘curls wala blow dry’ and red nails is the worst thing you could to yourself this Eid. They need to be scratched out of your To-Do list with a sharpie. If you must do something on Eid (except for sleeping and drooling all over Netflix), it should be to make an effort to not look like a character out of a cheap Bollywood movie. These may be the SAFEST choices out there, but sadly they enable you to resemble Parvati from Star Plus and you can surely do without any such ‘enabling’. If you’re staring at the screen in disbelief because ‘curls wala blow dry’ is exactly what you planned to sport this Eid, then you’re in utmost need of our help.

Hold our hand (virtually) as we take you through the trends that should not be lurking close to your mind or wardrobe at all! Because if they’re there, then they might pounce at you in a moment of misery making that moment even more miserable.

Flared pants with organza patti? No please!

Aaah! How we loved the peek-a-boo flared pants when they first came. But then every Nasreen, Parveen, and Aisha (we have nothing against these girls) started wearing them under each and every one of their kurtis. And now even the sight of these flared pants, makes us go pale in the face. You need to let go of this particular ghost of your wardrobe’s past.

Shed off that Lace and organza cape

They instantly added an oomph factor to ANY outfit…a few years ago. Now they only make your body look meh. They’re so boring, nobody even registers them anymore. And even if they do, it’s for all the wrong reasons! It is the unflattering cousin of a poncho and needs to be discarded from your life in this holy month.

Red nails need a repaint

We’ve spoken about them in the introduction, but we’re well aware of the stubborn Kareena Kapoor inside you. You just can’t give up on this shade can you? Look at it from this perspective: It makes you look like that cheap chamkeeli bharkeeli girl who’s trying too hard to look cool but is failing miserably.

You can use it occasionally any other day, but not Eid, okay?

Hi-low shirts are so indecisive

This one is a prime example of how indecisive we’ve become as a human race. Our designers couldn’t decide which length to go for, so they introduced this trend. Don’t get us wrong. We love the straight cut high-low shirt in which the low is at waist and the high is below the knee. That’s edgy stuff. But a flared high-low shirt deserves a moment of silence and a place in the graveyard.

Dhoti shalwar was trendy in the 90s’

We love shalwars! But not those that remind us of our Goth days. The days when we used to walk around with side bangs, kohl-rimmed eyes, a scandalously short (and tight) shirt, and the dhoti shalwar. You can opt for a wide-legged simple shalwar or a cropped one, but not this loopy one which will surely make you look like a looney!

The panels…are for trapping solar energy. That’s it.

Many of us are guilty of wearing a panels-waalianarkali (as our darzi likes to call it) at various weddings or even at parties. It was our go-to wedding attire a few years ago when resembling a rainbow was considered cool. Now, it’s the worst thing you can do to yourself, so keep it solid or go for color blocking. If your master saab asks, “Baaji, panels laga doon?” Then ditch him too along with the panels.

Bulky glittering rings are soo last decade

Remember those diamanté encrusted mega humongous rings that were a must-have in 2002? Yeah, those need to be replaced with delicate midi rings or funky matte gold and stone ones. The glittering mess (mass) isn’t welcome on our (or your) hands anymore.