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Seven Women To Watch Out For On Coke Studio 10

Here's to women power!

While the nation is collectively swooning over newbie Daniyal Zafar’s smouldering good looks and waiting for his debut coke studio release,  we at Women’s Own went hunting for deets on the ladies of Coke Studio Season 10. There are, in total, 11 female singers in the upcoming season, and a little birdie tells us there might be an additional appearance of a four-member girl band anytime now.

This season, Coke Studio promises to feature a lot of debuts, and that has us excited. Why you ask? Because Momina Mustehsan, Sara Haider, and Gul Panra gave us some memorable songs on their first attempt. Now we can’t help but expect the same from Aima Baig, Humera Arshad, Hina Nasrullah, and Zaw Ali.

Aima Baig

The girl with a petite frame and a surprisingly deep voice is all set to make her debut on the coveted sets of Coke Studio. News is, she’s going to bell out Punjabi folk tunes and soulful love ballads. We are SO looking forward to this one.

Baig’s received recognition after appearing on the popular local TV show, ’Mazaaq Raat’, but it was her playback singing in Wajahat Rauf’s film Lahore Se Aagay that won her the Lux Style Award for Best Singer (Female) – Film. We loved Kalaabaz Dil and are looking forward to what Aima Baig has to offer in Coke Studio.

Natasha Khan

What’s so special about her? She is one of the very few female audio engineers from Pakistan, and has been successfully producing, mixing, mastering, and creating sound designs for various projects. Khan debuted last season, with Dil Kamla, and impressed us with her melodic voice.

This season she’s going to provide backing vocals and feature in a song.

Nirmal Roy

Her performance on multilingual, Ala Baali, in last year’s Coke Studio didn’t exactly blow us away, but we can spot talent when we see it. She’s got the capacity to adapt her vocals to different tunes and we have a hunch she’ll go a long long way.

Roy returns this season with her soft voice ready to take on Ali Hamza’s dulcet ones in a joint collaboration. She recently sang Raunaq-e-Ashiqui for one of the most anticipated films of the year, Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

Momina Mustehsan

We all remember the frenzy this young singer created last season. From Afreen Afreen and Mein Raasta to Tera Who Pyaar, Mustehsan was appreciated for every single one of her outings. We’re glad she’s back and hasn’t gone packing to New York (as was her plan). The organisers are tight-lipped about her songs, so let’s see what unravels – a slow romantic number, an upbeat one, or maybe a folk one?

Humera Arshad

It took 10 years for Humera to finally make it to the Coke Studio platform. Although we often find her pitch a little too high, we know she can hit those low notes with equal ease. Now that she has finally arrived, we expect the veteran singer to blow us away with her stunning vocals.

Zaw Ali

Zaw Ali is Sajad Ali’s daughter. This piece of information has created a stir amongst music lovers. It raises our expectations a bit too high for comfort.  She will be collaborating with her father, Sajjad Ali, and we can’t wait to watch what the duo has in store for us.

Zaw’s claim to fame is not her father. Nope, nepotism doesn’t work here (at least that’s what we like to believe). She directed a music video called Naakhun, which was nominated in the Best Video category at the HUM Awards.

Quratulain Baloch

We fell in love with her the instant she crooned out, “Woh humsafar tha”! Then came Sammi Meri Waar and Uss Paar, and we fell in love some more. In the upcoming season she’s all set to woo us with folk tunes.

Just a tiny disclaimer: We are prepared for the best!