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Six Black And White Items You Need To Own

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Monochrome never loses its appeal. Where the might of different colours rises and falls from one season to another, this combination remains timeless. Black absorbs heat, white reflects it; black is the colour of strength and power, white is the colour of peace and purity. Black is synonymous with sophistication, and white is the emblem of innocence. Black and white are therefore opposites, but when combined they create the loveliest of visual treats.

Here are the black and white items we love – to help you pick one (or all) for yourself!

Black and white outfit by Ammara Khan

Black and white are classic wardrobe colours when worn alone, but when put together in an ensemble, they make a killer combination! For this very reason, we adore this Ammara Khan outfit from her 2016 Eid Collection. The fruit motifs are quirky and give the shirt an extra dose of oomph!


Black and white Peshawari chappals by Mochari

Mismatched earrings are totally in vogue – how about trying out some non matching shoes?! We simply love the idea. With this beautiful pair of Peshawari chappals, you are bound to be the next trend setter in town.


Black and white necklace by IFF’s Collection

We believe in the power of knowledge and the power of being a woman! For all those female bookworms out there who agree with us, this awesome piece is made for you!

IFF's collection

Black and white coasters from Little Things in Life by Zee

What a fun way to protect your fancy wooden tables from beverage stains. That’s beauty with a purpose we’d say! Perfect for a casual GT with your friends when you don’t want to use those boring old glass coasters with gold rims (remember those?).


Black and white plates from Clayworks

Our national language is not only beautiful to hear but the script is easy on the eyes too. Hence, these lovely black and white plates with the Urdu huroof are our hot favourites! They’d look amazing on a dining table and do wonders to the wall above the fireplace in your living room if used as wall plates! What do you think?


Black and white origami chair by Arc

The Arc origami chair is the perfect statement piece for any home, office or retail space. Made with real wood and finished in high gloss, this modern and origami inspired piece is more art than furniture and is perfect for an impactful entryway, whether for seating or hosting chunky coffee table books in a dead corner to liven up the space. Ordering one today? We knew it!

Arc chair

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