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Six Fashion Trends That Are Back With A Bang

History ALWAYS repeats itself!

By Hafsa Saeed

They say that history has a funny way of repeating itself. The deja vu we experience every time we spot an aunty wearing sneakers under her shalwar kameez definitely isn’t pleasing, but we’re quick to raise our glasses when the past knocks on our door in the form of fashion trends. Because who doesn’t like to skim through their mother’s closets and emerge victorious with bucketloads of sartorial gems cuddled in their arms?

These days, it seems we’ve gotten used to designers saying, “Everything’s in these days; long shirts to shorter ones, you can pull off whatever you like.” And only a few years ago, our designers used to give definitive statements such as, “patiala shalwars are gone for good.”

Hence, we bring you some of our favorite fashion trends which have paved their way back into our lives and we couldn’t be more excited.

The magical shalwars 


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Ah, you’ve got to be lying if you don’t admit that you breathed a sigh of relief when the comfortable airy shalwars were re-introduced in our lives. Although, Shalwars made their comeback last year, but in 2017, we know that they are here to stay.

Not only does this magical airy piece of clothing make it easier to survive the hot summer, it has the ability to make you feel like a desi goddess. We’re thinking harem shalwars and funky wrap-around ones with little trinkets hanging from the belt. Also, when has a white shalwar paired with any shirt ever gone wrong?

The mighty bell bottoms 

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The Bell Bottoms are back to up your style game. They are not just an easier alternative to those cigarette pants which refuse to let your legs breathe, they actually make you feel like you can own the town after putting the chic lowers on. So get ready to groove to those disco songs!

Attach a ‘pant’ to a Gharara 

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Ghararas, as our nanis call them, have been trending for couple of seasons. The only difference is that our designers have attached the word ‘pant’ with it so that it doesn’t sound you’re headed to a wedding every time you wear your gharara pants. In essence, they’re just your regulars ghararas in breathable fabrics and funky prints.

They give us some major ethnic outfit goals hence we are glad they are back in style.

Denim Jackets

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to 👊🏼 #mood

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Moving towards the western attire now, how can we forget the fabulous denim jackets? The boy bands and the female pop icons we looked up to in the 90’s were always seen in denim jackets, hence, we are more than glad that we can now feel like a pop star without fearing the fashion police.

Block Platform Heels

Remember the heavy heels we all wanted to own just because the spice girls were wearing them? Well, worry no more, because they are back in style! So pair them with your bell bottoms for a perfect night out.


The 90’s aren’t leaving us alone anytime soon. Another one of the fashion accessory which is back from the dead are chokers. Why did we ever think that tatoo choker jewelry was gone for good?

Wrap one around your neck and look like you are about to own the town.


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It is odd how some fashion trends look funny in a 20 year old movie, but as soon as you spot a fashionista wearing it or you decide to experiment with your style, it becomes a fashion statement. When something starts trending in the fashion world, we usually welcome it back with open arms and why shouldn’t we? As Coco Chanel ver wisely pointed out, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”