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Six Subtle Beauty Looks To Try This Halloween

No one wishes to look ridiculous...even on Halloween

By Haya Qamar

There are people who like to celebrate Halloween in full spirit, but then some of us would rather give a subtle nod in the direction of the holiday than go full-on Harley Quinn! It takes too much time and effort, and more often than not, honestly, you end up looking kind of ridiculous!

So, for the fashion-forward secret Halloween lover, here are a few simple ways to seize the holiday without going over the top.

Black Lipstick

Black lipstick is not only spooky, but super on-trend, so don’t fear over-doing your look. Wear it matte or glossy and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Raccoon Eyes

Bring back the goth look with raccoon eyes. Go crazy with the kajal and smudge it out – your inner 90’s emo-gal will thank you for it!

Red Eyeliner

With Louboutin’s new release of red liquid liner, this look is fresh off the runway. The blood red liner can be worn as a sharp wing or smudged out for a creature-of-the-night look.

Black and Red Nails

This is a super-subtle, yet uber cool way to embrace your inner vampire. Paint the surface of your nails black, and the inner side red. Easy, yet on-point!

Dead Straight Hair

What could be creepier than something that has the word ‘dead’ in its name? Sleek, middle parted hair not only looks high-fashion, but there’s something eerie about it – an almost Samara from The Ring vibe.

Red Stained Lips

Take inspiration from the Korean beauty trend of stained lips to channel your inner monster. Look like you have just taken a bite out of your prey by putting a little red lipstick on the inner part of your lips and using your finger to smudge it out – top it off with a gloss for a blood-like feel.