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Six Up and Coming Designers You Need To Watch Out For

Only if you're sick of wearing the same outfit as 10 other girls

By Maha Asif Rizwan

When was the last time you purchased an outfit with the surety that NO ONE else would be seen wearing it. Surely not in the past 10 years! The fashion industry might’ve transitioned into a fast paced one where they churn out fresh collections every few months, but the question of uniqueness is ever present. The regular fashion brands are part of our wardrobe and even our Instagram feeds so much so that you don’t need to see a tag to tell where a particular outfit came from.

While established fashion moguls will hold a special place in our closets forever, it’s time for a much needed change. Don’t you agree? On the hunt to wear something that will set us apart from the crowd, we came across a number of upcoming designers with unique aesthetics.

Here are our top picks.

Mahrukh Jamot


In the competitive world of ready to wear, Mahrukh Jamot brings to the table a brand which is sophisticated and has attention to detail. Her latest collection boasts of pretty pastels, bright solids, and subtle prints.


Handcrafted embroidery and embellishments add to her outfits what fast fashion retailers often miss – the finishing touch of elegance.

Hira Ali Studios


With the brand vision to create a niche for themselves instead of making it a mass retail brand, the Rising Talent from PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016, Hira Ali, is on her way to make a mark in the fashion industry with its contemporary yet traditional wear.


Hira Ali Studios is minimalistic fashion at its best.

“Our aesthetics are modern takes on what we call traditional attire. Our forte lies in embellishments combined with the style and shape we adopt. We focus on a clever placement of embellishment using unconventional materials and methods to reach an amalgamation of traditional style with a contemporary twist,” Hira Ali describes her creative vision.

If you’re looking for embellished beauties that bridge the gap between eastern and western cuts, Hira Ali Studios is the place for you.

Anna Aziz

Are you sick and tired of the same old heavy as hell bridal wear? We sure were, so we went hunting for designers who can break the rut for us. and lo and behold, right on cue entered Anna Aziz – a brand that stays true to its Kashmiri roots and focuses on traditional embroideries like Marori and wasli.

Have a look at this jewel toned saari and see for yourself.

Then there is the traditional Kashmiri velvet kameez that completely stole our heart.

Rum & Harry


After identifying the need for trendy western wear in the market, college roommates Rimsha and Areej put their creativity (and nicknames) together to create a contemporary label called Rum & Harry.

Rimsha Ahmed believes that what sets them apart from other brands is their “aim to follow the concept of ‘less is more’ and not choking the outfits with embroidery or prints.”


According to Rimsha, “Flat colors in interesting cuts, with customization for every client is what we aim for.”

Rum & Harry is already a favorite amongst the younger, trendier clientele.

Amna Chaudhry


The concept of simplicity is best described by Amna Chaudhry’s subtle yet refreshing outfits. Her designs are miles away from bling, which we love! She makes use of pure fabric and handwork to create outfits that do justice to traditional wear.


Amna Chaudhry reflects on her brand’s visual identity by pointing out how they don’t mix western aesthetics with eastern to create a new look.

“From our bridal to our casual wear, we are purely traditional with our cuts and styles. We make use of simple colors and embroidered details to create outfits that embody a traditional essence.”

Amna Chaudhry is offering an eclectic mix of traditional designs for all the confident ladies out there!

Mint Me Up


Benching between contemporary and traditional wear, Mint Me Up offers a variety of different styles and trends within formal and casual wear. Hira Thanvi, the founder and creative head behind the brand, launched her brand after she found it challenging to find clothing that was fashionable yet modest.


After experimenting with different cuts, colors and textures, she has decided on using a lot of feminine details and trending styles to create an appealing collection.

“The final result was a refreshing blend of covered and classy outfits which I had long been searching for. Mint Me Up is my answer to the never ending problem of finding the fashion source for every occasion,” Thanvi shares with Women’s Own.

Which new upcoming brand are you going to try next?