Some of Iman Ali’s Favourite Things

Photography: Akif Ilyas
Iman wears Generation clothes and Zohra Rahman jewellery

Our cover girl this month knows what she loves and knows how to get it. Iman Ali talks about her crush on the Canadian Prime Minister and the BB Cream she can’t live without:

Favourite Person

My super cute, overly bubbly mom and one of my closest friends Fizza Ali Meerza. I am also really obsessed with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Treudeau.

Favourite Film/s

All Time Favourite: Children of Heaven and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Childhood Favourite: Roman Holiday

Current Favourite: Avatar

Favourite Song/s

My favourite songs are connected to some of my favourite memories. Right now I am in love with the Qawalli from Mah-e-Mir called Jag Musaffir by Fareed Ayaz and Abu  Mohammed. Another song I love is “Hello” by Lionel Richie my father once played it on repeat on a road trip to Abbotabad when I was a child. I also love Sajjad Ali’s Tum Naraz Ho because his voice is like a dream and the words are beautiful.

Favourite Book

The Story of Philosophy by Brian Magee, that’s a book that I keep going back to and always take something more from it. It helps get through everyday situations.

Favourite Lipstick

Lady Danger by Mac.

Favourite Makeup Item

Jane Iredale BB Cream.

Favourite Perfume

I’ve used the same perfume for the past decade – Mademoiselle by Chanel.

Favourite Totka

Have Kalonji first thing in the morning and drink lots of water.

Favourite Foods

Everything that tastes good, but sushi more than other things. Also home made paratha.

Favourite bad habit

Being sarcastic.

Favourite outfit

Anything white and cotton.

Favourite way to pass time

Watching Game of Thrones in my pj’s in bed.

Favourite App

The Weather Channel, I randomly check various countries weather situations.

Favourite Pakistani designer

Umar Sayeed’s fabric and Kaam, Mehdi’s construction.

Favourite fancy Karachi food spot

Café Flo. I love the ambience. Being there always makes me feel like I’m on a date even if I’m just there with a friend.

Favourite no frills Lahore food spot

Bhaiyay Ke Kabab.

Favourite thing to do in Islamabad

Just looking around. It’s so beautiful.