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Some Of Natasha’s favourite Organic Products

She swears by these things!

A few people in this word make you stop in your tracks and stare at them. You cannot fathom how their skin is so flawless and their beauty so perfect. But when you ask them to spill the beans, they refuse to admit that the beans even exist. “It’s my genes,” is the casual response and you end up giving accusing looks to your unsuspecting parents. Natasha Khalid has flawless skin and she’s not scared to tell us ALL about her skincare routing.

And what’s better? She uses natural products to enhance that perfect pout and glowing cheeks.


Over to one of Pakistan’s most popular Makeup Artist Natasha Khalid!

I love Ylang Ylang, clove bud and lemon peel organic essential oils and use them for EVERYTHING ranging from headaches, to insomnia, to pain relief to relaxation. The benefits are innumerable. But the key is to get hold of good quality organic essential oils. My organic essential oils are from Hippocrates Health Institute – the vegan health farm I visit every year and I highly recommend them.

Love love this erase natural body oil. It tones the body and even the skin tone. It works wonders.

I absolutely love our local organic beauty heroes and Conatural is definitely my most favourite and their organic lavender lip balm is a must-have.  Everything is super organic, made with quality and care and the best thing is, it’s made in Pakistan.


Another organic body butter I swear by is Lulu’s Chocolate body butter. It makes the skin super soft and smells like delicious chocolate brownies.

Can’t live without my Dr. Hauschka Rose day cream (light) as it hydrates, plumps and gives gorgeous radiance to the skin. Love wearing this especially when I’m going Makeup-free as it makes my skin glow and hydrates it beautifully.

Love Dr. Hauschka’s toner as well; Swear by it.

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of Shea butter in my life. I use this as my hand cream and I keep some at work, by my bedside, and even in my car. There is nothing like authentic Shea butter to soften the hands, especially if your nature of work is similar to mine. I’m either blending makeup on top of my hands or washing them a hundred times between makeup; this cream keeps hands hydrated and is amazing as a foot cream too.

Another one of my favourites from Conatural is Lavender and Chamomile face wash. I love how gentle it is one my skin, as I have sensitive and oily skin my skin reacts very quickly to strong products, hence, I like to use the most mild and soft face washes and this has become a favourite.


I know there is too much Conatural happening here, but I love this saffron complexion builder. I keep it in the fridge and apply it after I wash my face in the morning. It is the most refreshing and cooling gel that brightens up the face in a jiffy.

I am very big on not using toxic deodorants on the underarms as most people don’t realise that our skin absorbs the chemicals and puts them straight into our bloodstream and this can cause various types of cancers especially breast cancer. So for me, these deodorant stocks made with 100% essential oils are a must; they are gentle and leave my skin feeling soft and supple.

Another organic company I’m obsessed with is Essensa. The products are so organic you could eat them. This apricot scrubbing gel is one of my favourite exfoliators.

I always follow that up with the lemon verbena cream, which is my most favourite facial moisturiser. Love it!

I’m not big on oiling my hair as I prefer protein treatments, but I’ve become addicted to the Cocogrow by Salina cosmetics. I love how it makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. Also, the tingly sensation on the scalp when I have it on makes me feel as if it’s pulling all the dirt and grime out of my hair follicles.

Now that you know what beauty maven, Natasha Khalid, loves to use on her skin, you just need to keep the article open as you shop your way to a glowing skin naturally!