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Soul Sisters’ Real Women Real Talk Is One Of The Best Things We’ve Seen Recently

It is about time you let go of all your fears

You might’ve come across this hashtag #RealWomenRealTalk if you happen to be part of the all-female Facebook group called, Soul Sisters Pakistan. If not, we’re here to tell you all about it because you really should not miss this.

Who took the initiative? Dayfresh Milk and the founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan, Kanwal Anes Ahmed. What does it do? It encourages Pakistani women to share their inspiring stories with other women and motivate them to think out of the box. Why do we love it? It empowers women to speak their mind and inspire countless others.

Here is Hira, who was diagnosed with stage two blood cancer right after she got engaged, and she had to halt her wedding preparations to make way for chemotherapy.

“After going through six cycles of chemotherapy I felt my life had taken a huge turn. I had just gotten engaged and I was preparing for my wedding when this diagnosis came up. The diagnosis really shaped me as a human, I learned to live life like I now do,” she shares. “I was declared cancer free in August 2016. It’s been a whole year now and I can’t be thankful enough.”

Hira isn’t the only one, there are a lot of women out there who wish to tell their heroic tales to inspire other young women.

We got in touch with Kanwal Anes Ahmed to find out all about #RealWomenRealTalk. Read on!

What is #RealWomenRealTalk actually about?

Real women Real Talk was the theme of the Soul Sisters Pakistan meetup held recently. One of the segments of this event was to acknowledge ‘real women’ and celebrate them and that’s when we asked women to come forward and share their inspiring stories via a one-minute video.

It is an initiative to highlight the amazing stories of the urban Pakistani Women and showcase their diversity, strength, and achievements!

Who came up with the idea?

The idea to celebrate these stories was conceived by the team at Dayfresh. Female members of their team are all on Soul Sisters Pakistan and they stepped forward with this idea – which I obviously loved and readily became a part of, given that the premise of this forum is to empower and support women.

Will it continue after the meet-up?

It has actually been ongoing for a long while – without the hashtag though. On the Soul Sisters Pakistan blog, we share stories almost every other day of real women. But through this event [and hashtag] we are looking to celebrate women and their many strengths.

Do you think listening to inspiring stories actually helps or everybody learns from their own experiences?

Of course it does. It helps in various instances. Sometimes stories you hear are so close to your own that they give you strength and tell you that you’re not alone. Some stories inspire you and you aspire to be like the people you read/hear about. Some stories make you grateful – they show you that there are so many who are worse off but still look at the glass half full.

My inbox is flooded every single day, from women (and even men) thanking me for shedding light on these stories and giving them an opportunity to peek into the lives of others. So I believe that even if in a small way, having these voices heard is making a difference every single day.