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Spotted: Eastern Trends On Western Runways

After Robert Sandal we present you the Elf shoe

By Sherazade Khan 

Remember when Balmain rocked a kurta on the runway, Paul Smith called our good ol’ Peshawari chappals a ‘Robert sandal’, and Forever 21 launched an Ajrak-inspired collection? It looks like we’re slowly taking over the western world…one fashion trend at a time.

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In fact, their obsession with our culture doesn’t stop at just fashion. Have you seen the latest SMEG appliances? Want to spend a bucket load on a truck-art inspired fridge? This (in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana) is for you:

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Back to fashion, the unsightly love-child of the khussa and the trainer, currently being paraded on the Parisian runways, caught our eye.  

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They’re calling these ‘elf-shoes’, but don’t they have an uncanny resemblance to our very own salim shahis? 

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We’re excited to see if this trend catches on or fizzles out before it even becomes a thing… 

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This collection of ethereal whites ain’t Zaheer Abbas doing a show with gora models! It’s Etro’s ready-to-wear collection from Milan Fashion Week, which made a hearty use of our sheeshay ka kaam. The design house even looks slightly inspired by our chooridar pyjamas! Someone please tell them, gharara pants have taken over the skin-tight silhouette.  

But we’ll have to admit, the goras are nailing the ‘borrowed’ trends! 

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These kotis and jackets seen here weren’t picked up from Balochistan during a weekend getaway, this too is Etro – mixing velvet with thread work and more of that smashing mirror work! 

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And here’s some more. The menswear had its fair share of sub-continent touch. The traditional shawl turned into a coat is so very eastern and undeniably chic.  Perhaps their head designer is one of our own – channeling his inner desi roots?

It’s about time we wore our traditional craft with pride, and not just when the western world has turned them into over-priced, designer fashion!