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Statement Hair Is A ‘Thing’ And Mawra Hocane Shows You How To Do It

Hashtag Hair, anyone?

By Sherazade Khan

A few days back, during our daily Instagram scrolls, we spotted a hashtag in Mawra Hocane’s side swept hair. We halted midway and there it was, a flashback to the Lux Style Awards where she sported a braided heart. And that’s when we realized: This young, talented actress has been making statement with her hairstyles for quite some time.

Mawra Hocane is on a roll! Styled to perfection or left to look natural, Mawra Hocane’s beautiful long hair seldom looks boring.

At the Stay BBeautiful event by Fair & Lovely, Hocane wore a hashtag, (YES, A HASHTAG) in her hair! You can do the same by using four bobby pins and you can even play around with the colours. These four tiny thingies can instantly perk up your otherwise boring hair and make it talk of the town!

Mawra Hocane turned up at the Lux Style Awards, pretty in pink, looking quite the princess, complete with the carriage clutch. But what made her stand apart was the heart-shaped braid!


It seems like the actress can’t get enough of hearts, and why should she? The world could surely do with some extra love. If you loved her LSA heart-braid, this one on the side is even more apparent.

And the Hearts all over the world tonight, Said the Hearts all over the world tonight. #ChrisBrown

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Double the love by making one on either side!

Want to pull off a more serious look without looking too, um, tacky? Why not try these loose twists that go from the front to the back and into a loose bun, ponytail or braid – the choice is yours. Hocane looks stunning here with the middle parting and pulled-back hair.

We cannot get enough of this young lady’s playful hairstyles, and happy shiny pictures. Channeling her inner princess yet again, Hocane wears half her hair up in a topknot and the other half down with loose curls. Don’t miss the heart-shaped earrings and that border on the sleeves!

I love you! #JustSaying #StayBBeautiful

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How can she make pigtails look so badass! Finding her inner zen with tightly braided hair, Hocane looks super chic in her sports mode. Once you’ve got your centre parting right, make two French braids, pulling the hair behind your ear and then out over your shoulder to get this look. Enlist the help of a friend if you can!

In her photoshoot for Rang Ja, Hocane let her inner lioness loose with full-on curls that added a tonne of volume to her hair, changing her look completely! There’s a number of products available in the market that you can work into your hair to get a similar effect. Our favourite is L’oreal Curl & Gloss, Curl Mousse.

#MorningVibes πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

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Hocane’s natural slightly wavy hair, flipped perfectly to the side, is eye-catching even on days when she just lets them be! Paired with these iconic killer sunglasses, this babe is ready to throw some shade!

πŸ™ƒ @beoneshopone

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