Stress-Free Stylish Mornings

How to look good in less than 15 minutes


By Maha Asif Rizwan

If there’s one question every woman asks herself every single morning, it is: what do I wear today? The eternal dilemma of morning scramble starts with ransacking your closet and ends with a day full of rethinking your style decisions. While we can’t help bring order to your morning routine, we can give you a few tips to help you achieve stress-free, stylish mornings.

Start the night before

You’ve heard this one a hundred times before. Avoid the unnecessary stress and pick out your outfit the night before. As the line of thought goes – dress to impress is a lot more achievable when you have more than just five minutes to figure out your look. Although, on days you fail to follow this rule, you have eight more to go to help you look put together.

Style your mood

Mornings are a drag, especially when you’ve hit the snooze button more than once. Your best bet is to dress according to your mood. If you’re tired from the night before, wear something comfortable. If you’re feeling excited for the day ahead, wear something vibrant. And if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, always dress your best. Nothing changes a bad day into a good one like ten compliments do.


Reinvent the best

This may sound a little self-absorbed but if an outfit has worked wonders for you once, it will do so again. Remember to always document your finest looks so you can recreate them in a jiffy. Your wardrobe will always have two of the same pieces that will turn out just as tasteful when paired together. Be careful to throw in a few inventive details, like different shoes or a new necklace to give your outfit a unique spin.

Pick your statement piece first

When choosing a new look, pick your statement piece first. Rushed mornings are hardly the time to be very creative, so stick with one eye catching detail. This could either be a vibrant tailored blouse or funky pants; styling both together require time and thoughtful thinking. Remember that the same rule applies to your accessories and shoes.

Bring out the basics

Once you know what your statement piece is, let the rest be basic. Your tailored blouse will look just as good with black pants or washed skinnies. If you’re wearing funky pants then it’s a good idea to pair it with a plain solid tee. Basics work with everything, the same way they work well put together. Just remember to bring in one fine detail that will stand out.

When in doubt – ditch

If you’re having second thoughts about an outfit – ditch it. Early morning is no time to contemplate whether or not something works for you. Go with something you’re comfortable and confident in and you won’t spend the rest of your day second guessing your decision.


Always accessorize

Final touch ups and finishing details can make you look a lot more polished, especially if you’re going to work. This is where your accessories play a vital role. A classic watch, basic pair of earrings, or stacked up rings can really add value to your whole look. Remember to organize and keep these in an easy to find drawer.


Pack an inner bag

It’s always a good idea to switch your handbag every few days. Pack an inner bag to make this process seamlessly less time consuming every morning. That way you get your pick a handbag that goes with your outfit, without having to forget your essentials at home.

Bring order

Last but most importantly, bring order to your wardrobe. Tae time out on a weekend to organize your closet categorically based on your style. Items that go together are better off kept together. This not only makes them easier to find, it always removes one step from your morning routine. Make an effort into refreshing your wardrobe every now and then to make getting ready a lot less chaotic.