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Style Guide: Top 8 Accessories You Must Buy

Go cute or go home!

By Maha Asif Rizwan

The first lesson in fashion is to get hold of the perfect dress and the second one revolves around an eleven letter word which is often snubbed: accessories. When done wrong (imagine pairing Adidas superstars with a feminine shalwar kurta) it can make you a prime suspect for the fashion police, but when done right, it can elevate your look from ‘meh’ to ‘whoa’ in about 10 seconds max.

One way to achieve the ‘whoa status’ is to invest in some really cute accessories. Since it’s Spring time, we are falling for everything bling-y and flowery. You might as well throttle your inner Goth. There is no place for murky little things in our life at least for the next six months. So, join us as we go on the quest for all things cute and quirky.

Ahead is our must-have list; feel free to make it all yours.

Floral necklace by Sapphire


A creative mix of different materials, funky design, and subtle colors, makes this statement piece something you’d love to wear…but only with solid colored attire. Because, trust us, you don’t want to look like a walking talking flower pot.

Sepia Saddar locket by Khaula Jamil


This isn’t just another elegant locket, it is a piece of art. While you can’t hang your favourite giant sized painting around your neck, you can certainly wear your favourite photograph.

Khaula Jamil’s handmade silver pendant encompassing the buzzing streets of Saddar in sepia is a keeper. What’s not to love about this classic locket!

Silver Eyes Clutch by Sapphire


This is as literal as the phrase, ‘I have my eyes on you’, can go unless you yank your eyeballs out and paste it on your target’s forehead. Interpret it as you like, but we love to keep an eye out for EVERYTHING and Sapphire is here to aid us.

Bliss Handbag by Flora


Flora by Ruba is going to change how you see powder pink – a sickly sweet colour that reminds us of the evil Professor Umbridge. They’ve decorated the most popular color of the season with lots of flora and fauna, and the result is funky to say the least.

You’re going to see this baby hanging on our shoulders throughout this Summer.

Midi rings by Jade


When flowers, feathers, and butterflies come together with pearl detailing, we get the cutest midi rings ever. Jade by Green Dot has us lusting over their absolutely gorgeous accessories.

Midi Rings by Khaadi


What do you do when you get hold of a pack of rings? You throw away three of them and choose one which you wear EVERYWHERE. Khaadi’s pack of four is a unique combo of traditional and trendy, so get your hands on these staple statement rings before they run out of stock.

Mihar Nigar Earrings by Print Therapy


Semi-precious stones, floral prints, and gold plated tassels make this piece, by Print Therapy, a classic statement for every outfit. Fashion journalist and now Entrepreneur, Andaleeb Rana, posted a picture of these rings on Instagram and females from across the world went crazy.

Naturally, we checked Rana’s page, My Fashion Fix, to see what the fuss was all about and we could barely control our excitement too.

Flutter Earrings by OutHouse


Butterflies and spring go hand in hand, but we rarely incorporate them in our lives. It looks like Outhouse was having similar thoughts, hence, decided to use spring’s brightest hues, a butterfly, and some gold to give us a lust-worthy range of chic accessories.