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Surf Excel Just Solved All Your Wardrobe Problems

And someone else's too

Here you are, wondering how to extricate your fave black top from the cramped cupboard, and there’s someone looking down at their dirty shirt helplessly. You’re frustrated because you have too many options and their frustration arises from lack of options. They can’t wash their dirty worn-out clothes because they don’t have an extra pair. And you can’t find your favourite shirt because of the excess baggage stowed away in your closet. Wouldn’t you want to solve your problem and theirs too? Declutter your wardrobe and give yourself, and them, a fresh start.

That start is only a call away! Yes, Surf Excel’s recent campaign, Neki Ek Ibadat, is all about encouraging privileged people to become more selfless and think about those who need their help. One of the initiatives of the brand is the Clothes Donation Drive. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps to become a part of it:

Step 1: Take all the clothes out from your wardrobe and distribute them into three piles: your favourites, not-so-favourites, and the ones you know you’ll never wear or fit into. (A detailed post on this step will show up soon so stay tuned). While you’re at it give a missed call on 90131.

Step 2: Take the third pile, fold the clothes nicely, and pack them away. Then wait for a call from Surf Excel, Akhuwat Clothes Bank or KRT’s representative.

Step 3: M&P will reach your doorstep soon after the call to collect the clothes or will let you know of the nearest drop off location. Now, you are officially part of the Clothes Donation Drive!

This whole process will help you get rid of the unnecessary clutter in your closet and make your life more organised, but more importantly, it will make someone else’s life so much more beautiful. We suggest you become a part of the therapeutic experience as soon as you get the time to declutter your wardrobe.