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Switch your Squad

Trade those social media girl squads you hate to love with influencers you can look up to


Raise your hand if you start your day by checking Instagram and drooling over the latest ‘It’ girl’s outfit. Are you also guilty of checking the hottest girl squad lunch or the latest celebrity product launch?

From fashion houses to magazines, Pakistani social media shows us the lifestyle of the rich, beautiful and famous, and we double tap our love for it. And why wouldn’t we? Hard work is silently applauded while an airbrushed appearance is openly admired. Just like Balmain used the Kardashian social media empire to launch #balmainarmy, social media cells are using our geographic unhappiness and entertainment suffocation to push their brands. The message is the same: the more fabulous your lives, looks and bodies, the higher your value.

The right girl wearing the right outfit might push a fashion brand out of the red, but what about the right girl wearing the right outfit to push the right social agenda? Global brand ambassadors are women of substance and newly appointed faces are scrutinized. Why does Pakistan lack a robust representation of female role models? We certainly have a lot to boast of.

Let’s give our heart emoticons and clicks to these gorgeous women who look fabulous and work at making Pakistan more fabulous. Hopefully PR houses and industries will take note and change their empty spaces for more empowered faces:

The ‘It’ girl vs. Mashall Chaudhri


These women make Taylor Swift’s girl squad look wretched. Shiny haired perfection, the ‘It’ girls have made lawn sales as competitive as the Karachi Grammar School entrance race! Their squad is highly exclusive and only interacts with the general population in extreme circumstances: Fashion Week.

The palette cleanser to this blow-dried army is Mashall Chaudhri – Waliany. The girl is Adriana Lima-level beautiful, smart as a tack, and the founder of the Reading Room Project. Her social enterprise makes an internet-enabled learning environment accessible to low-income students. That’s right, she makes little kids smarter! Did we mention her insanely friendly nature and a smile that could blind you? Go Like her page ASAP:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.c: om/ReadingRoomProject/?fref=ts



The celebrity vs. Ayesha Chundrigar


Celebrities are good-looking and some are actually talented. So it’s no surprise you want a peak into their fabulous lives behind the camera – running from the gym to the studio, from a photo shoot to a fitting, and then back home waving goodbye to their fans in their (gifted) designer pajamas.The easy breezy quality of their marketing is like sorbet but try switching to Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation for some serious ice cream.

We are convinced Ayesha Chundrigar is Angelina Jolie’s long-lost sister. Only a blood test will convince us otherwise. Her insanely hot looks are only superseded by her insanely awesome passion for rescuing animals. Her NGO provides rescue and rehabilitation for animals, our one woman PETA.  Follow and fund her work because it could literally save puppies. PUPPIES!


The ‘self-promoting journo’ vs. The Ultimate Detox girls

selena taqi single

We get it. Fashion journos have the kind of access to designers we may not but don’t think we don’t realize your outfit is borrowed. We agree fashion journalists are (often) well dressed, but isn’t your real job spotting and promoting talent and creativity instead of staging photo ops?

Want a fashionista detox? Check out Fuzzy Faruque and Salina Taqi’s, ‘The Ultimate Detox’. These fitness and nutrition experts help cleanse you from the inside out. With bodies and food choices to shame us all into taking the stairs, they have taken healthy lifestyle to another level. Faruque’s signature hair makes her standout in the crowd and Taqi’s natural glow makes our attempts at strobing look like hospital lighting. Check them out online for some healthy inspirations.





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