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Syra Shahroz Reveals Her Go-To Makeup Product

And it is not what you expect

Wearing the same makeup products as your favourite actress will make you look just like her. That’s a common misconception, but don’t we love to fall in the trap every . single . time? Also, a celebrity wearing makeup or beauty product does add a certain amount of credibility to the brand. Why do you think MAC’s Ruby Woo is wooing girls all over? Because Deepika Padukone and Mahira Khan swear by it.

But let’s get back to Syra and her favourite lip colour. She admits that she hasn’t yet found her perfect summer lip shade, but she has a hack, which you can follow too.

“You know Nabila’s No Makeup palette?” she asks us as we nod and reply, “Yeahhh, so these days you use the lip tint in it!”

“No, I don’t,” she says with a cheeky smile. “I use the cheek stain in it on my lips!”

Voila! Now you know what makes Syra’s lips so plump and look ‘naturally’ pink at all times.

Watch the video here: