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Ten Cute Eid Outfits For The Man In Your Life

The one time of the year you can truly help the sartorially challenged

titleUnless your dad, brother, husband or friend is REALLY into clothes, there’s no way he’s making a better Eid outfit decision than you can for him. Allow yourself to be the architect of his transformation, even if it’s just for these three special days out of the year.

Here are some of our favourite outfit ideas for the men in your life:

jazib qamar 1

 Jazib Qamar 16

So cute and creative! We’d definitely go with some simple brown Kolhapuri chappals with this look.

Jazib Qamar 2

Jazib Qamar 16

A florescent yellow starred kurta? Please buy in as many colours available and wear it yourself if he doesn’t!

Jazib Qamar 3

Jazib Qamar 16

It’s all about the waistcoat this season. Who cares if it’s too hot to breathe? GOT TO LOOK GOOD!

Republic 2

Republic Menswear

This colour combination is just TOO yummy. Perfect for a summer Eid!

Republic 3

Republic Menswear

It’s time to shake it up boys. Regular collars = boring!

republic kurta

Republic Menswear

Everyone loves a man in pink. This checkered kurta is a keeper for sure!

munib nawaz

Munib Nawaz

Pump up the pink with a complimentary jungle-themed waistcoat.

munib nawaz 3

Munib Nawaz

It will take a real man to pull this silky pink number off. But when he does every stupid thing to have come out of his mouth shall be forgotten.

munib nawaz 2

Munib Nawaz

This grungy number is for the bad boys. Hey, now pink can’t be everyone’s thing!

Shahanameh Eid Collection 1 Shahanameh

When all else fails, it’s time to bring out the black.