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Ten Things Every Pakistani Woman Needs By The Time She Turns 35

It's time to add these grown-up essentials to your life


By the time you say adieu to your 20s, you’ve most likely wracked up enough 75% off kameezes and sun-loving eye wrinkles to say: “now that was fun!” Add on a few more years, and you’ve learnt to purge your life of cheap lawn and cheaper friends. Now add these 10 must-haves to make you ready for any situation:

Chikankari Kameez

From kitty lunch to funeral, this item is the little black dress of your desi wardrobe. Invest in a quality number in a fashionable cut once a year and you’re set for all seasons!

Check out our article in finding the best chikankari in Karachi:


Personalized Stationery

By the time you’re 35, using a standard card from the local stationery shop doesn’t really cut it. Make your gifts and thank you’s really stand out with some beautiful personalised stationery. It makes a note become a keepsake.

We love Mahj Design Studio’s gorgeous, one of a kind stationery:


Signature Scent

Whether it’s designer or a splash of rose water, find a signature scent or scent profile and stick to it. Just like the smell of Ponds Cold Cream instantly transports you back to your childhood, perfume is a very powerful memory tool. Make sure you spark someone’s interest with all senses.

The Perfect Earrings

Chuck out the costume and invest in the real deal. Whether it’s the classic solitaire or a funky pair of polki earrings, get yourself some bling that you can pass down. As a financial investment, gold will never let you down.

We love Scherezade’s collection of creative pieces at Labels:


The Perfect Flat Shoes

Listen Carrie Bradshaw, it’s time to think more back problems than back to the club. Slip those feet into a fabulous pair of flats to look truly effortless. Instead of hitting up the imported stock, take a page from the international runways and check out the local khussa store first.

A Dermatologist

No one is saying to go full Nadia Hussain here, but protecting your skin from sun damage and taking steps to make it healthy is important. If 40 is the new 30 then you need a great dermatologist who can help you keep up your skin with your adventures.

A Great Shawl

Whether you live in Karachi or Islamabad, buying a once in a lifetime pashmina will up your winter game. The local market scarves are all well and good but this ultra lux wrap really gives warmth and finesse.

Good Luggage

Quick getaway to Dubai? Why are you still using that battered carry-on from college? Please invest in some high quality luggage that looks as travel ready as you do. Make sure you get a matching set! Whether it’s Tumi or Brics please don’t make it Louis Vuitton! Nothing screams wannabe more than monograms.

High Quality Sheets

There’s nothing like turning in for the night and turning down crisp, clean sheets that smell like starched linen. Luxury should be 24/7 so trade in your scratchy, mix matched sheets for high-thread count satin finish in cream or white. Check out Gul Ahmed or Chen One for your sweet dreams.

A Resume

Most importantly, instead of a boyfriend put that degree to use and make your CV. There’s nothing like hard work to teach you the value of the previous nine must-haves. So whether it’s in finance or fashion, please skip the fiancé and get down to work!

  • Farzhana Naek

    Sharpen your CV, the rest will follow!

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    Only ONE Thing Every Blog Should Learn Before Hitting ‘Publish’

    1. Learn the difference between Stationary and Stationery!!!!

    Really Women’s Own! Thrice in two lines is just TOO much!

    • Sorry Iqra! we’ll be more careful about spellings next time. Thanks for pointing this out 🙂

  • Marium

    This was a very fun list! Keep em coming!