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Time to chop some of that hair off maybe?


By Maha Asif Rizwan

It’s just over two months into the New Year, but for some of us that shouts CHANGE already. The remainder of winter is on its way out now and the best way to welcome spring is with a fresh new ‘do. So, whether you’re going to opt for a major chop or a brand new hair color, let us give you some inspo for picking the right hair look.

1. Sleek hair


If you’re not one to move far away from your long locks, sleek hair should be your go-to look. Shiny, smooth and center-parted – heat up your straightener or invest in a hair protein treatment that keeps your long locks looking their slickest.

2. Shaggy fringe

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The aftermath of last year’s grown out bangs is this year’s hit shaggy fringe. Go for a fringe that sits right at eye level, with long tousled layers. You’ll be surprised how big a change a small fringe can bring to your entire look.

3. Shoulder Shags

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Unlike last year’s one length bobs and lobs, this year’s short hair comes with shagged layers grazing the shoulder. A haircut that styles itself, these can create a soft seamless look for all hair lengths and types. You can polish it up with a curling iron or air dry it for a more natural look.

4. Colour Contouring

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Also known as the ‘contourage’, this hair dyeing technique is quickly becoming the beauty mantra for many hair stylists. Not only does it add definition to the hair, it also enhances your bone structure, radiating a chiseled look.

5. Inventive Balayage

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While the balayage is here to stay, this year a number of new and exciting colours have been introduced in the mix. Inspired from the burgundy and purple family, this raspberry balayage by Nabila is an appealing example of daring yet chic.