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The 6 Rules Of Every Girl Squad

"Can I be in your gang?"


By Leena Hassan

Groups of girl pals aren’t a new phenomenon, but shepherded by Taylor Swift and her ever-increasing Super Clan, girl squads are now a media force to be reckoned with. Now, more than ever, women in the public eye are assessed by who their friends are and how they interact with them.

Here’s how to form the perfect gang:

Choose your leader

Whether it’s the most powerful one (Taylor Swift, Regina George) or the most stylish one (Carrie Bradshaw), all groups need to have someone at the helm. The leader then sets the tone for the rest of the gang. It’s no coincidence that Taylor is circled by goodie-goodies; if you can’t get with TayTay’s vide than you ain’t part of the gang!

Do fun things together

….And tell everyone about it. Whether it’s yoga classes (the Ultimate Detox gang), going on holiday or taking part in photo-shoots (The Nazli Akbar girls), having a great time together is what friends are meant to do. And remember: it’s much more charming to post pictures of you doing fun stuff with your girlfriends than it is to post pouty selfies of you alone.

Don’t upload a picture on social media unless all squad members are on point

Despite this being an almost unwritten rule, we can all think of that one sneaky chick who never checks with you before her Instagram upload. Generally, fellow squad members will not only take a profile picture of yours that’s worthy of being sent to a modeling agency, they will never betray your trust with an awful upload. If they go the extra mile and touch you up with some subtle Photoshop, you know they’re keepers.

Get the math’s right

A girl squad must comprise of at least three members. Two is just a pair of bff’s – as much as we love Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, they wouldn’t be a girl gang without Lisa Kudrow in tow. A duo can also seem like a clique, and that goes against everything the girl squad stands for. We’d limit a group to five or six, though; Taylor Swift is overdoing it (30 at last count).

Don’t go overboard with the ‘boyfriend’ stuff

Talking about/ Instgramming/ Tweeting about your significant other should be kept to a minimum. Boyfriends are very much on the perimeter of the girl gang and not particularly relevant to it.

Never, EVER, bitch out another girl

At the end, it’s all about taking a bullet for your friends. As Taylor once said, quoting American politician Madeleine Albright: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

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