The Beginners Guide to a Bold Lip

Go big or go home

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Tanya Muzaffar

We know that you bought that bright lipstick on a whim and still haven’t found the opportunity (read: courage) to wear it. We are here to tell you that we have your back! We are going to tell you, step-by-step, how to rock that color you have feared and the answer lies in baby steps.

  • Begin by mixing a pinch of sugar with some honey to create your own lip scrub. In circular motion, gently work the scrub all over your lips using your index finger for 30 seconds and rinse it off.
  • Now apply a lip balm and leave it to absorb for a few minutes, before wiping it off.
  • Take a small dot of concealer onto the back of your hand and using a damp sponge, blot the product onto your lip to soften the lip line and take away some of your natural lip pigment.
  • Now select your color – a hot red, a juicy berry, a feisty pink or a spunky orange. Apply the product directly from the tube onto the center of your lips.
  • Purse your lips a few times to warm up the product, and then spread the product to the edge of your lips using a finger.
  • Blot once more with a tissue to set the lipstick in place for a transfer-proof application.

With time, when you find yourself getting used to the color, you can go right ahead and apply more of the same product making it more vivid and true-to-the-tube. As your confidence grows, so will your technique. You will find yourself adding a lip liner, gloss, maybe even over-drawing a little! It is all a matter of getting used to seeing yourself wear a particular color, before you get comfortable enough to rock it without a care in the world. So go on and get loud!