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The Big Surprise Of The LSA Was Surprising Indeed

"OMG!" was all we could think

The pre-event hype was all about a few big surprises at the Lux Style Awards. Some of us wondered if they were adding new Lux girls (and we were right) to the team but no one (except for those who attended the rehearsals) was prepared for the big reveal.

It all started when Mawra Hocane was dancing like there was no one watching on Daghabaaz Dil. Suddenly, the lights went out and white dupattas started flowing. A silhouette appeared right in the middle. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals, “Tu Mera Dil, tu meri jaan…”, filled the air. The audience anticipated Mawra to re-appear any moment but what we saw next on stage was enough to squeeze multiple surprised yelps out of the frowers.

There was Reema Khan, standing atop the LSA stage in all her evergreen glory!

The audience cheered, the hall lit up, and Mawra Hocane joined the old Lux girl. And together they gave one of the most memorable performance of the night. Nigah ji – the choreographer of the show – did a job well done as Hocane effortlessly matched Reema’s graceful dance moves.

It was predominantly a classical performance and while Mawra added a hip touch to it, Reema made it all the more regal. We’ll surely be talking about this surprise for months to come.